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Quotes from our leaders

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<span style='color:white'>Bill Clinton quote:


<span style='color:black'> "I firmly believed we should not march into Baghdad ...To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us and make a broken tyrant, into a latter-day Arab hero ... assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hunt for a securely entrenched dictator and condemning them to fight in what would be an unwinnable urban guerrilla war."*




Saddam Hussein quotes:


<span style='color:black'>"Today's friend is tomorrow's adversary."*


"I feel ... millions of [people] I'm never going to meet ... say my name to the Almighty every day and ask him to help me."*


"I could not be [in power] if I did not believe in a divine plan that supercedes all human plans."*


"I believe God wants me to be [in power]."*


"Government should welcome the active involvement of people who are following a religious imperative..."*


"[They] built [huge houses] while letting schools decay... [they] built up armies and weapons while allowing the nation's infrastructure to crumble..."*</span>





George W Bush quotes:


<span style='color:black'>"If the attacks of September 11 cost the lives of 3,000 civilians, how much will the size of losses be in 50 states within 100 cities if it were attacked in the same way in which New York and Washington were? What would happen if hundreds of planes attacked American cities?"*


"We will pursue them until they lose their nerves... Now that they have indulged in their evil and crimes, they will suffer a defeat."*


"We will chase [them] to every corner at all times. No high tower of steel will protect them against the fire of truth."*</span></span>






*=The Bill Clinton quote is actually a George Bush Sr quote. The George W Bush quotes above are actually Saddam Hussein quotes, and the Hussein quotes are actually GW Bush quotes. Clicking the asterisk following each quote directs you to a source.


taken from http://www.newsnshit.com/favicon.ico'>

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