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Originally posted by bleeeeegh@Dec 31 2005, 02:38 AM

Yeah i believe theyre on about rela (rip)


Thing is they chafe on about it being a hundred grand of damage done in bristol temple meads. Bollox. One end 2 end aint shit. Few quid for a bit of manpower an graf removal solution.. clowns.


i love this bit


Mr Saysell said that New Year's Eve is seen as an important time for graffiti sprayers as they want to start the new year with a fresh piece of work.


But the authorities are trying to stifle the publicity that graffiti sprayers are looking for by taking trains that have been hit out of service.


Mr Saysell said: "Spraying trains is the pinnacle of graffiti because of the danger.


"If you start off tagging round your own neighbourhood, you work up to trains.


seems the ppl writin the article no more about developement of workin ya way up to doin trains and graffiti in general then alot of toys do!!!

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Originally posted by whatson@Dec 30 2005, 02:44 PM



who the fuck!

:yuck: :yuck: :yuck:


now that looks like somting i saw pull into a yard down my way, someone pm me where the flick was taken and i mite be able to put a name to the pannels.


if its what i think it is, it ran for over a week, shame it wasnt somthing a bit better looking.

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