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Originally posted by OrangeFanta

Its all part of the game mate.


What you like and dislike is up to you but people are still gonna scratch windows and fuck things up because thats the way it is.


very true. i think i just still try to have respect for people at the same time, which probably sounds crazy when graff is basically rebelling and shit.


gone a bit deep into it me thinks..

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Guest imported_b0b

southuk, it is a bit or a case of the chicken or the egg. Which came first, the crackdown or the damage? Now they have been cracking down on graf since before scratching and stainer additives came along which to me says the crackdowns are "to blame" (or to be more precise are the cause) of the very things you don't like to see. So it used to be people did just do a few panels and didn;t bomb the yard at all when they finished as they were nearly guarnateed a runner so why bother bomb? These days getting anything running, even a tag or two, is good. For scratching and messyness, well I have no problem with scratching or etch personally, as long as it is done with style. Someone scratching a weak handstyle in a window in inch wide letters is terrible as I am forced to look at their shit for years to come. Nicely done graffiti is a beautiful thing, this applies to peices, throws, dubs and tags and it doesn;t matter which medium they use.. Badly done graf is horrendous no matter which medium.


I am on a waffle too now, but basically there have always been crackdowns (I've had an eye on graf for over 15 years) but there hasn;t always been what you are on about. But still crackdowns shouldn't be an excuse for sloppy graf.


Also one of the good thing about graf is that it is what you make it. You think it should be pretty photorealistic productions; then do them. You think it is roller tags on tubes (a la Tox) then do it.


If you think graf should be more about quality work and less about damage than lead by example. You don't HAVE to do this or that.

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does it even matter why they are cracking down...its all good to see sum fresh stains...me personally aint a huge fan on window etchs but nuffing like a big juicy stain...stop all this jibble bash about yeah crack down this crackdown that....they are cracking down you gotta think about this...you either leave it to cool and let all the usial toys hot it up or u take ur chances use your knowledge and visit yards you know well...just use ur minds wisely and dont make rash decissions

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im amazed by the feedback, thanks ever so much b0b.


if i didnt like graffiti, i would not have taken an eye for it, or think about it as much as i do...its just i sometimes dont understand why i cant apprecaite every aspect of it like you all can. i have even been sketching for over like 3 years now and still cannot decide on a tag that i like!



indecicive me.

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