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the NEW sketch thread


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Banok, your pieces are dope. The painted ones look great too. I've been itching to actually go paint again for the last couple years. The last two times I tried we had to bail mid fill and I kind of took it as an omen. Can't afford to get caught ever again. Having a career and people who depend on you sucks sometimes hahahaha

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Right? My buddy and I got caught in 09 doing throwups and I was on felony probation for almost three years. It's insane and I never want to live through it again. I kept doing illegals til I was like 24, and after that I just wasn't able to rationalize it for myself anymore. Still gotta catch a tag once in a while though hahaha. It just sucks because you guys know as well as I do that anyone who does this shit is addicted to it because we're retards.

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6 hours ago, Hua Guofang said:

Honestly, I'm fine just doing legals these days, But I'm also almost 50.

I hear you. I retired years ago and I still find myself catching bathroom tags, scribbling on dry-erase boards, hitting cardboard headed to the recycling, and hanging out on these forums. Cracks me up, sometimes. Even though I rarely, if ever, paint... I'm still engulfed by this culture. 

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19 hours ago, Hua Guofang said:

Fuck deserting your kids for something like this.


Fuck deserting them ever. But especially for writing your name on a wall.

I was an absent dad when i was using, when im not using im always there. if going painting one night a week for a couple hrs helps me stay sober and be a dad i think ill take the latter. 

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