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the NEW sketch thread


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Haven't we already been through this under different usernames? You're the dude who did the wood carvings, right?


This is going to go down exactly the same way it did last time. I'll say I'm not a fan of something and can't understand why it's considered good. You'll get deeply upset and will vow ti defend their honour. I'll laugh at you and tell you to go fuck yourself. The end.


On a serious note: you posted Pear and Perts and compared it with the Kwote and other post. They are not comparable. I like the old style, look at everything I do, I'm stuck in the 80's, that's where I come from (yep, I was bombing trains before you were bombing your diapers). What I don't like is the stuff that tries to out of whack with uneven bars, with unbalanced letters and squashed up flow. Old NY style done well is my favourate. Old NY style DELIBERATELY done poorly to me looks whack and if some kid without out a rep posted that we'd call him toy and direct him to the toy thread. So when I look a piece, it either looks good or it looks bad - pretty simple shit.


I also don't get why you're challenging me. You're not Kwote, you don't have a dog in the fight. You're just an anonymous name on the internet. Can you sketch/paint better than me? Probably. Do I care? Nope. Will I still have opinion on things? Yep. Will that upset you? I don't care.


So, anyway. Here's my steak that was also drawn quickly because it was part of a joke involving DAO many years ago on this website - which is why Protester suggested the word, also as a joke, I'd assume. Sketch your dramatic little heart away, burn it, tell me whatever makes you feel better and I'll continue to not to care. 1740807433_Steakwall.jpg.a6555506762b5e0ec7082ec1b02c14ad.jpg


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Read my reply in the other thread and you'll see where Im coming from. And I highly doubt you were bombing trains in the 80s with a handstyle like that, just saying. You tried to call something toy thats better than what you can do, and I had a remark about it...anddd you're the one that was buthurt. End of story bro. I'm not mad, you're probably a chill dude, I can't say to much else. Just felt your statement in the other thread held no weight thats all bud.

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Yeah, fair enough, agree to disagree and all. And to precise, I'm sure kwote can burn, it's more that style that I don't like rather than the writer. Regards to me bombing in the 80s, most definitely was. I started in 83 just as I hit high school, got done for a whole car in 89 and have been pretty much legal since then.


I'll hit up a new steak tonight after work and post it up, it'll be good for a laugh.

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