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the NEW sketch thread


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Currently working on...









For a friend... "What comes around, goes around." Yes, she knew the quote is different. She selected the wording intentionally.



For MOTHRA, who wanted a black and white SATIRE piece:




For AMBER (but not that OTHER Amber who I am no longer cool with):



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those arent really handies, more like solid, simple dead letters.


for it be a handstyle, its gotta be one stroke, not building up the strokes

like youve done here. it looks liek you took the writing and built it up to

have more flavor and dynamic motion. it all looks sick, but theyre no longer



(disclaimer, this me talking, maybe no one else thinks this way)


you need to take the marker/pen/spray can, whatever, and just write

the word. here, youre drawing the word, not writing it.

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Really appreciate all the constructive criticism, guys. In my defense, These are what my painted or written handies actually look like these days. I flare out the curves a lot and so I try to reflect that on paper.


Some of them, like "Slurp," "Learned helplessness" and "Crush Emcees" were just done with a regular sharpie and no touch up at all. It's all in how fast you move the marker and when you pick it up as you make the stroke on the page, just like when you flare a part of a letter with paint.


Clearly, I'm getting too wild with my normal handie, which is something that's always been a problem for me. I love wildstyles and all that and my mentality has always been to apply that same thinking to hands, but it doesn't always work, and too much of a good thing sometimes is a problem.

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i like it. looks like a comic book sort of.


@nover, if that's what you do fast, I'd like to see what you come up with when you take your time.

Edit:never mind I still remember that silver surfer you posted. I'm sure that took you a while. nice work on that one

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