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the NEW sketch thread


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shits dope perts...

...and is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time taking a sketch seriously when someone deliberately places their weed nug/sack/container nearby?

...gettin all excited like you just bought your first high times haha calm down...


fuckin this.


i smoke weed bro, so i must strategically place my weed sack next to my sketches so that it somehow gives my shit more street credibility.


shit looks like that manhattan brown anyways, step your game up.

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...You obviously need attention, So I'll try to not give you too much.

Seems you have something to prove. My suggestion, get your face out them books and go

paint..It seems it been a long time or something. You'll feel a lot better...


Sincerely, plain,Bland,Uncolored Bic Pen Guy!

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Hah that is laughable, Pesk. Years is on a level you can't fathom, merely for the fact your mentally stuck in 80s where, yes, your sketches would burn. But us, we're in 2011 THE FUTUREEEE :D , so why don't you join us? Either attempt to evolve your style to some extent or shut the fuck up already. Years burns through pure letter structure, not like some child hiding behind he's big set of crayola crayons, and regurgitated styles from the 80s, that bitches and moans when he doesn't get his way. Humility is key to succeeding in an art involving your ego, if you cant grasp that, than you will not evolve and progress.


It's sad because I honestly believe you have alot of potential.....on a side note your starting to sound like gucci mane with down syndrome....you should ease of the slang on the inter-web it comes off a bit retarded.


I'm very sorry for my intrusion. But I can't stand when some clown knocks a real writer.

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no u guys obviously love my shit u cant keep my name out of ya mouth when i post why cause im cocky and confident lol come on mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn .. be a man and keep it moving and stop trynna say my shit is wack to make yaself feel better...for real tho...im an oldschoool writer my shit is old school do u dopes really dont thin i know this??? i mean really>>>> lol.... im not trynna do pose stuff or bite msk arrows ..or bite totem shit...and no i aint the best but what i do is i light a book like a christmas tree snd fuck with real dudes who are revelant in nyc graff scene ... i put in work in these books ...and walls dont go there book and wall have shit to do with one another but a sketch for a wall but the two should never be compared. to completely different mediums....but i can get down on a wall ...besides i was paiting before u wrote ya first tag...see i grew in an era where u actully had to develope ya own shit ......not hop online and say hey tommy i like ya k super kool man....lol hey bob can u sketch for me..im wack and i want to bite ya letters wait evolve .. for reeeelssss ...i put in work in these books and walls for years ...and my team currently owns new jersy lines and ohio lines to this day.... and dont have shit to prove not a werd u can say can make me think different...i love to the abuse i get in here...its funny to me never take a werd to heart...infact i usaly sit here with my homies and they laugh at me for even wasting time trynna prove to u guys i get down but i tell them i have fun ad love watching them al jump on my dick ...lol and years let me see a painted piece let me see how u get down on a wall u to me curious i mean being u cant color for shit on paper i want to see ya ish on a wall ..??

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