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the NEW sketch thread

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Really not drawn much

Old Blackbook that was stolen in Detroit

My apologies that some of these are reposted, but I just got a new scanner up and running and wanted to get proper scans not the shitty Instagram reposts.

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Picture307.jpgthis was actuly my homie kriz'z light baily visible pencil outline in my old ass book.. from like 1995 i just inked and colored one night with oldschool style coloring.. having fun...not sure what top says bottom is gasto..my man always had the ill uniformed wildstyle since the late 80's and early 90's in siny
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yeah, pesk, your letters got that old school flavor, but i can barely read them man.

an older head once told me whats really key with color schemes is to make sure

that your outline and your fill contrast each other real strongly, or at least an inline,

bevel or something else to help set it apart.


the flow of your fill is tuff, and it also makes the piece readable, but i agree, that's been

your main downfall in my eyes, it all kinda gets muddled together from a far. all my opinion

tho bruh, if you dont care what i say, thats fine, just throwin down my 2 cents

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ight ill stop cause i can go on fro days but im gonna give my homie nic 1 ak ynn some love he rocked this simple joint in my book !! dudes nasty with it tho on the regular...ill post a new one im finishing up now...in a minute...before i bounce perts looking real. fresh tesk alts killing it my homie satire had some heat...pardon if i missed a few all u other computer graffgeeks eat @#$%^&Picture392.jpg

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im a beast ..who u kidding homie...we both know ill damage u with colors...and oldschool letter perhaps but colors man i got orriginal ish noe one colors like me...if so show me a burner..wit my style??? gaten island boyeeeeeeee slamm nikkkas like Shaquille


here we go again.



how come whenever anyone gives you some positive constructive criticism, you get all defensive and mouthy?

dude gets served with his own word last battle, then fucks off on a 2 month hiatus, then creeps back with his ego in tow.


as soon as i saw you post, i knew within half a page you'd turn this into some rant on how nobody can do what you do/you burn everyone/youre a beast blahblahblah.


i was right.

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