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the NEW sketch thread


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Picture027.jpg..lol u dudes are funny im not even trynna battle u corny cats ..i havent seen one post from either one of u little clowns to even see if its worth my time and effort......now relax fall back ...and sweat my ish lol and post up i do constantly... peace to the real grafff motherfawkersssss


your ego is so out of whack,im going to buy some markers and hand your ass to you in your own style for fun!seriously your a muppet man,i look at your stuff and i dont see 1 bit of

originality.seen it all before.you talk shit about 80 percent of this tread and when you called out you dont back it up,i post allot of stuff on this tread as well but i dont put any 1 down and id give any 1 the time of the day or an exchange.seriously keep talking shit and ill piss up your ass


that spas shit is clean,pesks a homo!

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SPAS... I'm feeling every sketch you post. Wanna exchange?


PHENOM... oh shit... I was judging you on all the shit you have been posted lately. Your old shit is hella dope, but like everyone else said, clean it up. Clean the lines up and your shit will bang all that much more. Exchange too? What do you write these days?

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