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the NEW sketch thread

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Really not drawn much

Old Blackbook that was stolen in Detroit

My apologies that some of these are reposted, but I just got a new scanner up and running and wanted to get proper scans not the shitty Instagram reposts.

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nice shit geez... really hot. Cept for the girl being held by the werewolf... her face..... looks like a man lol. Her body is good though but her face is manly lol. Lovin the the pieces and the ducks and the pez and that cool ass spider man ya did lol.

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some more stuff-feel free to comment.....:confused:



http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN1.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN2.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN3.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN4.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN5.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN6.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/OMEN7.gif'>

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/THE OMEN/ENTOM2.gif'>

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Originally posted by Talon

how often do you paint, enter? and how long you been doing it?


I'm still trying to decide whether or not I suck an abnormal amount.



this question comes up a lot actually. I have been being more serious about writing since i started writing enter, which is about 10 months now. Before that i just sketched and sucked ass hole, but did it only about once every 3 or so months. so i wouldnt call it writing. I have been painting about 8 months or so, but i have painted less than 20 times, somewhere close to 15 times actually. I been tryin to get up more though. I hope that answeres your question.


so in total time, about 10 months actually

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