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the NEW sketch thread

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Really not drawn much

I was an absent dad when i was using, when im not using im always there. if going painting one night a week for a couple hrs helps me stay sober and be a dad i think ill take the latter. 

Posted Images


Battle me son.

P.S- how do you know there's letters in a 50 cent video you gimp.


no internet beef just a shit talking toy that wont accept adivce.. i dont know theres graff in a fiddy fag video im just assuming he would use it to appeal to "street niggers" but whatever man im not wasting time on some ghay ass words ill write my name you can go ahead and write isuckdickforcashintruckstops for all i care.



also good stuff decy

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Alright lets be realistic I think the majority would agree that one; armand hammer is at the very least, better these the clowns trying to call him out, and second that these said clowns belong in the toy thread. There really even shouldn't be a battle, or question for everyone here whose been on this thread for more than a year knows that dudes got mad skills. As for Prof. Kaos, and kitten mittens, the whole key of graffiti or any other art, is to know when to humble yourself to the truth/someone who is better than you, that is the the point in which you LEARN, truth is you guys are still toys at this level, until you realize that, take advantage of the real criticism that could be offered, you are, and will always be toys. Either man up, work harder, or slack and bitch more, attempting to fend for a piece or style not developed is not worth the embarrassment. Sorry for any annoyance in continuing this, just giving my 2 cents.

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cani2 speaks the fucking truth!


bump alts your always improving man the differnce in your skill in the last year is huge


bump serkit havent seen your stuff in a while and you've definately been improving since then nice work.


bump mek fucking killing it with those insane pieces as always

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