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the NEW sketch thread


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Guest Propaganda

Dude what's wrong?




I think you get angry real quick. Just let it go dude. Post sketches and sit back and watch commentary. It is just a computer dude. Nothin more. Lets just see some more work and we all can be chill.


I was gonna post a sketch but I rather wait till Im done with it.

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Re: yeah...


Originally posted by KOOTER_WON

i'm going to take advice from a "10 year toy" you said it not me and i also read your brown nose post a couple pages back,didnt seeking burst your bubble? why are you still on his nuts?:lol: toy ass bitch.


yo koot with the love i got for you as a beginer writer i dont like your deffance mechanizem you attack non stop

if there is somone you should take tips from its my boy zire

and when he said he is a 10 + toy i think he was being sarcastic

compared to the time he is writing he may not be the best but he most def knows wut he is doing and has his skills mad props to you zire

koot listen be open minded and axcept the fact that ppl are dissing you seeking may be evil and i got my own beef with him but fuck it man you cant get all soft cuz somone said your stuff is garbage snap out of it

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I am not trying to swing on anyones nuts !!!! i am a very open, honest, humble guy who says what he feels. i know lots of kids are not ready for that, maybe one day, its a better way to live.


I know what i do in the real graffiti world, i dont front on it at all.


its sad when i gave a serious thanks to a fellow member on the board that eveyone thinking im jocking. I dont know seeking from the kid who writes metallica on the walls here, i didnt even know what he wrote for a long time, i have only seen one of his pieces, cuz none of that matters to me, I said thanks for taking time to deal with little ungreatful shits. I gotta say it takes patience to deal with the stupidity that comes from many members on this board. He was thankful for my thanks, but said it wasnt needed. another guy said i was jocking him ... fuck i could care less what anyone does in the graffiti world ... i dont know them there ... i know seeking from this board, and his contrabution to this forum. Take that anyway you see fit ... you wanna call me a nut swinger cuz it makes you feel better, fine with me ... you know damn well there will be a tear on my pillow about it.


the best thing for anyone is to be honest with yourself first so you can take in advice from people who have something worthwhile to say !!!!


as for my post showing my insecurity ... all i have to say is I'm out in the open boy .... your the punk ass who dosent know what the fuck hes talking about !!


you have grabbed at all the things others have said about my posts ... if you are gonna try to dis me ... think up some shit on your own !!!


kooter is a funny guy ... this is just comedy to me !!!!


not the name just his attitude !!!

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wow this kooter arguement is just fuckin dumb.


Honestly Kooter you are waaaay over reacting on all thsi shit and started the whole arguement and now trying to act hard and what not. Just stop, it's pointless.


Big deal he said ya sketch was garbage, I'd have to agree, with the exception of some of ya nice hands ya shit ain't that great... neither is mine and I've had people say my shit is garbage, you think I care? No not really, I just keep doin my thing... no need to flip out like you did.


You have been writing 5 months and have such a big ego and are trying to act so hard and it's pathetic. Honestly just stop and get over it cuz everyone is gonna have an opinion on ya shit and just cuz someones opinion hurt your stupid feelings doesn't mean you need to whine and argue about it.


I don't got nothin against you... and still don't, but you gotta just quit it cuz it's makin you look stupid as fuck.

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Re: your witty comments aren't that funny.


Originally posted by KOOTER_WON

..all i wanted was some feedback you simply wanted to hate..


all you wanted was for people to ride your nuts and you got all ass hurt as soon as someone didnt like your shit. im glad you found them stickies for me!!!!


now to prove your just a piece of shit, i wana sketch battle. you have a week.


you can pick the word

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