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the NEW sketch thread


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So, if some of you noticed, I took a serious amount of time off over the past few months... I was practicing on my handies a great

deal and taking time away from drawing to think about my letters and really develop shit right. So, I'm asking for genuine helpful

riticism now. Telling me it sucks or it's nice or whatever is great but really... what does suck or is good about it? What parts are

strong and what parts are weak? I used no fills to distract from the letter structure. I'm not asking on every sketch. Just this one.

All constructive feedback is appreciated. I'm kind of going for an old-school feel on purpose. This is my newest handy, my newest

character and my newest letter style I'm fucking with right now:




Your thoughts are appreciated.

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1st off, i like it. but the lines inside the bubbles not bieng completely straight is the first thing i saw.

2. the small letters under the piece sorta bug me, its very difficult to do a piece and have smaller 3d letters beneath it. one of those things that seems easy but takes years to perfect i suppose.

3. not diggin the character,

besides that, your doin fine. and dont take what i said as shit talking. my letters are pretty fucked these days since i stopped doing letters. but keep up man, good work.

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solid letters..out of all ur letters the E is the awkwardest but it still works out nicely.the arrow to letter ratio is perfect..well below the limit...ur hands still lacking...the hand doesnt flow(?) ...that being said i like the bubble effect surrounding ur hands.the placement of the tiny letters is awkward?..overall stellar peice...esp since its in black and white.

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