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the NEW sketch thread


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Listen I have pices that burn that older than you.

I would be cool with you if you didn't open your mouth

with out thinkin first.

I'll squash it first cause the internet is not for seriousness.

The first sketch I put here was for a joke.

I will gladly exchange or battle anyone.

I squash it. I would edit it out but i can't.

Your sketch isn't even bad homie. I was just clownin you

cause thats how you came at me.

No Beef.





and yaddi ya it was quick look at the time stamp fools

scanning photobucket and posting... beat that fools

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Hahaha I'm gonna stay out of this.

I'm not gonna be rude, but larabee, your stiff, i mean stuff needs some touching up.

Wait, so the both of you write beg?




You q66 and beg couldn't touch my shit so let's battle and let all of your friends decide.

You guys pick the word so your comfy with the letters smart asses.


I don't write beg and never would cause i'm not a begger


Was tryin to be nice but the internet went to ya heads




and I'll use all pen while you wear down that eraser

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