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the NEW sketch thread


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Any feed on this would be dope boys.....






You sure? Okay...


I know style is style and everyone tries to find their own niche... which is great. That's what this is all about, finding that sweet spot and riding it till you get absolutely bored to death. That said... you've got way too much going on here. The "jagged" feel of your line work is really distracting. When you add to that the numerous bars and such... what you've done is create a mess. The letter structure isn't all that bad which leads me to believe you can really make leaps in progression if and when you make the commitment to do so. I think this piece would be much better were the line work clean.


Also... to the right of the T... is that a letter or just some bars and bits? If it's bars and bits... stop. That's way too much. Also, when you add bars coming off letters, make sure they are coming from somewhere. Don't just add a bar that looks like you taped it to the back side of the letter. You know what I mean? Make your bars a part of the letter and not an added piece. Now, between the left of the T and the right of the R there's some large blob there... what is that? Is that another bar? Get rid of it. It does nothing to add to the whole of the piece other than to fill in dead space between the two letters. In which case you should reconfigure your letter structure to make the two letters flow together better.


Obviously, not saying what has been said to be mean... just giving some criticism.

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constructive critisim?






Do you write Just? If so... my first large bit of criticism is that none of your T's look like T's. Not even slightly.


By far, the second one is the better. Easily understandable and each letter flows well into the next. It makes sense through and through. The others have strong points... mostly in the U and S... but lose some weight here and there. I think you're adding too much jags and jibs in the J and T in comparrison to the U and S. It's like you're starting out getting wacky and you spend so much time on the J that when you get to the U and S you're tired. Then you look at your piece and realize you're slacing so you try to bring it back to life with the T. That's what I feel when I look at the pieces. I think you can do solid pieces easily. You're already there but you're only giving attention to fifty percent of your pieces.


Again, not being a dick... just giving some asked for criticism.

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Dude... you made me work to find only one sketch! I went back ten pages and all I could find was this -





I'm not sur eyou need me to criticise anything. I think you know what you're doing and have a very good handle on color and composition. I don't really cazre much for the 2 in the sketch mostly because it overpowers the whole thing. It's easily the more prominent factor in the drawing. You notice right off the bat. I think it would have been much smarter (get it?) to make the 2 the same size and the rest of the letters in the sketch. Maybe even fill it in with the same color skeme but keep it simple and clean like you have... not the same style as the letters. The letters themselves are okay. The A is by far the strongest letter in th bunch. I'm drawn to the T for some reason but I think it's because it has a good flow to it. As a whole the piece is great. It has that "walk-by-wow" flavor to it. But when broken down it it's a bit mushy.Personally, I think if you eased up a bit on the construction of the letters the overall effect would be stronger. I know you're going for your own style and that's awesome... I totally back you up on that... but I think you've taken it too far with this bar style. I could be biased though as I'm more keen to what was being done in Baltimore years ago with this kind of bar style. It was simialr but without all the cut-outs and wrap around. Wild, but readable... if that makes sense.


You know you have a good grasp on writing and finding your own groove is something you seem to be striving for. Keep at it and definitely keep up the blackbook work. It's a lost art these days. I'm glad to give feedback so feel free anytime to ask... if interested.

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@ Joker, Thank you.

@ Mouth of War, you are a toy fly who bothers people on here just to get a rise out of em....

I asked Joker this because he knows what he's talking about.. Unlike your toy ass mouth.

You seek approval on toy shit.

I know I aint posting wack shit on this thread...

so please escuse your self from the counsel, cuz you dont belong here. go to the toy thread with your blurbs dunny dun dun dun.

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Look... anyone posting images of their own work is looking for approval. I don't care who you are or how tough and hardcore you think you are. You post it online in an online forum... you're looking for feedback and praise. It's that simple.



Optick just has some issues with himself, he's a funny dude.

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