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Ok ...I don't know much about this but I've been told the action on my guitar is too high. So I need to get it lowered. I need it lowered by monday night and I don;t have money to pay for any type of maintenance. So I thought I'd try and do it myself. I looked on the internet for tutorials but can't find shit. Does any body know about any of this and could talk me through it. I'd be very greatful.


I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard if that helps any.

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look at your bridge... each of the strings should be held in there with an independent suspension (with springs or something) and there should be a place for a whammy bar or whatever, but maybe not. anyhow, there should be 6 allen wrench slots or screwdriver holes where you can turn to the left or the right and raise or lower each string. remember, too high = too ahrd to play, too low = buzzzz

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so... detune your guitar... underneath the front part, the actual bridge, on each end of it should be turnable screws, they stick up through to hold the bridge in place... to lower action, turn the screws with your thumbs and forefinger clock-wise, tune up your guitar again and check to see if it buzzes...


Check by playing every other fret up each string and listening for buzz, if you like the new action, double check by playing every fret and doing a couple of bends (action that's too low can fret out when you bend)... If you don't like it just tune down and repeat the process...

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