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I know there's ninjas on 12oz but......


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Kilo, even though you may have your mind set on not doing Aikido... it depends totally on which form you learn. The purer forms do all the groundwork stuff... the rolling etc. etc., but the practical forms add back all the open hand, knife hand and tip strikes... no fists tho. It depends totally on what kind of Aikido is being offered at the place doing it, you should go watch a class of each martial art AT THE PLACE YOU WILL STUDY IT before making up your mind.


I'm honestly considering taking a year out of my life and going to either Japan or Thailand to do either the Riot Police Aikido Course or a year long intensive Muay Thai course. Both forms are fucking lethal, Aikido all about the throws n balance, and Muay Thai about shattering other people's bones and breaking stuff. The Riot Police Aikido course is no joke. They let you get on with the Zen part of it, and teach you 100% how to kill people. When you come out of there you can probably handle a whole riot single handed, and this is Aikido, with all the strikes.


I digress. I'm still telling you that Karate is wack.


"Wiggidy wack?"


"Nah, just the regular type"

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yeah spike, I'm not going to put down an ancient martial art

just because I didn't like how it was presented on tv, but comparing

how the classes looked for Akido Vs. Savat... I know I'd get way more

out of the kickboxing. just my preference.


plus thinking about it now, I might like to do a little weapon training.

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

I picture your bike rides being way out in the country where fixing

a flat tire would be more important than locking your bike to a fencepost.


ahh I see. Yeah...this time of year...I stay off the streets for the most part and ride mainly mountain. Its a hell of a lot warmer under cover of the trees. The few times when I will ride in the city...its on a bike that you'd have to be a moron to ride...much less steal.

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I've always wanted to get into some form of combat, but have never had time with school and all. The Rents wouldn't let me when I was younger, so I guess it could be me wanting to be badass and break free from those parental chains which aren't there anymore. All that K1 shiz on TV right now is fucking RAW, though.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

i aint talking about dancing here, i'm talking about blasting a brick through some dudes windshield. Taking it out, chopping it up




all you need

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ahaahahahhaah karate.


first off, theres hundreds of differnt styles of karate. Keep in mind, anyone can take a style, change it a little, and call it "ninja tou fu." If your serious about it, get some places where you live, or as far as your willing to travel and ask alot of questions as well as asking to see a basic class in progress.


probably what im saying has already been said but whatever. yeah, tae kwon do, and alot of japanese forms are very traditional and bullshit with mind, body, spirit...ect.ect. tkd does not teach self defense. judo is like wrestling- thows, locks, whatevers. belt system to me means absolutly nothing. most likely, by the time your kicks are over your head, and you can get out of a headlock, block, ect, your set. you should take a form that teaches self defense and not just breaking wood/using fancy weapons. its up to you, but if you want to be able to denfend yourself in a real fight, your not going to whip out a bo, nunchucks, and and that shit.


streatch. alot. and practice falling alot. that, youll have to be taught. i reccomend staying away from tiger shullmans. its terrible. its about a $1,000 or more to get from belt to belt and its teachings are shit. Creator/owner of it is also getting sued for this shit.


and after you take whatever you take, dont think your god. dont judge how people fight no matter what their physical condition is. someone who can bench 400 isnt shit to someone whos experienced.

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Originally posted by Kilo7-




^ I could take that in a fight! Her Yellow belt dont scare me!






i heard something about the funk running over?


i want to take shit like this. kickboxing looks like you could fuck someone up. the kickboxing fools that do it all the time got like no body fat and look long and skinny.

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I trained for a bit with San Shou, which is basically glorified street fighting.

However, I got pretty sick, and kinda came close to dying. My teacher

decided it would be in my best interest to progress into something a little

more difficult/painful/powerful when I returned to training. I then began

training in Bag Wa Zen/ Dao Chuan kung fu, which taught me some

intensely helpful technique.



People say that Tae Kwan Do isn't that good, and maybe it isn't. As one

of the older students I was asked to spar with one of the guests who was

looking at the school because he had had Tae Kwan Do training, and

wanted to see what it was like. We got into the spar, and after trying to kick me in the nuts,

I hit him once and he completely flipped out, saying "I thought we

weren't gonna punch hard" and just general bitching. I'm not saying I

hit him with gorilla force, but I am saying that the intensity of the

training was very different.



I wouldn't turn my back on Tae Kwan Do, though. From what I've seen

it's an excellent form to start with. As it is, your fitness and self esteem

will be tripled doing that shit, as well as learning how to throw a good

punch and defend yourself.

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Originally posted by LENS

my gf took Cho lay Fut kung fu when she was younger and she knows how to fight...i mean really fight. That girl can hit fucking hard when she wants to. I called her a bitch once and only once because when i did she ran across the room and sank her fist into my chest. i had a goddamn apple sized bruise the next day.


There was actually an underground fight tape with her in it beating some girls ass to the ground with kung fu back in the day. it circulated around fremont for a few years and then dissapeared.


you should have slapped that bitch

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the Follow-Up


So I went in for a tour/introduction at the school.

The sensi (there's only one) seems like a really cool guy

and the other students seem nice enough too. However they

all seem a little dorky, and because it's a brand new dojo, no

one there except for the sensi and his guests are over an orange belt.

I think they need a guy like me to liven it up.


He went though one of the most basic katas with me and I totally had it down

after like 2 tries. His buddy was like 'where did you take karate before?'

I explained that I did a bunch of tai chi in my teens so learning routines

isn't too tough, it's just the new moves that are hard. But yeah....


I'm looking forward to sparring when I actually get some skills.

I did wrestling all though highschool so getting into the ring and

getting the chops isn't new to me. I'm excited!


I'm going to sign up and go full bore with this.

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  • 1 month later...

so I've been at it for over a month now and I'm hooked!


seriously... I've slimmed down a bit around the hips

and I can totally feel more muscle action in my legs.

Plus the girl really like the added pelvic stregnth!


I've picked up on things really quickly and the class is a great size.

There's a few novices like me and then a few guys who did other training

when they were young and are now getting back into it. One guy was

a 'red belt with a black tip' (??) in TKD. Hopefully there's gonna be a few

people who can grab a pint after class too.

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Yeah that sounds good, I could really use getting back into shape. Especially now because if I put it off for another year or two some bad shit might start to happen. The problem is, I'm already preparing for the art of living off rice cakes while scraping and hustling for rent every month, so I might have to put any martial arts off for the time being. I can always go back to playing soccer though, which I'm decent at, and which would get me back in shape just as well.

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I could see you sticking it out mental.

The results can take a long time to materialize,

but you do notice slight improvements really soon.

Little things like posture and balance, that I though I was

already bringing the A Game, have improved too.


My dojo is only $80 a month and I do 3 full sessions a week

plus one tourney training session. Plus it gives you much more

focus than going to the gym and doing a spinning class or some soft panties shit.

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K everyone bear in mind that what I'mgonna say is not intended to disrespect any martial art. They all have good and bad points.


If I was starting out again I'd start with straight boxing. It hardens the body builds strength speed co ordination ect ect. It also teaches you how to take a punch which most martial arts dont at least initially. With that I'd staet mixing in yoga for the meditative and flexibility aspects.


Once you have done these 2 things for a years or so you will definately be tougher than your average dude. But more importantly you will have a better idea of where your strengths are. After that I'd start to explore every different art I had access to until I found the one that takes advantage of my natural gifts.


Thats my rant.

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i hear kickboxing is a great workout and since i'm half thai..and it originating from thailand its always caught my interest.. i was thinking of taking it after my baby was born to get back in shape.. but i already have built legs..and i wanted to work up my upper body more.. so then boxing has always interested me also.. i'm not sure though

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