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rubbish heap

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^I searched this thread....

I just read the info on the website YOU provided.

It's an ink that is made to wash away, but stay on

"livestock" for up to 14 days. They use that stuff

to mark animals for sale at trading posts and shit.

It's supposed to NOT be permanent. You gotta read

shit before you ask questions.

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racking depends on how much you have to loose but this aint the philosophy thread.

i was wanderin if anyone has used witches brew i wanna buy but dont wanna waste my money. Caught scribs with some red oink and it bled through very well worth the money.


witches brew is good. cop some.

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oh whats up Rossi you old niggerboo. So you finally learned some graffiti terminology while fucking the animals on your family's farm?


Hahahah, legend.


Can someone answer me a question, I've made a load of mixes before but is it true if you spray all of the aerosol out of a tin and cut it open you can use that paint?


Is it any good? Is one brand better than the other?

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