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Thats the first time I've ever said that. And you should know by now that no matter how much you cry about and try to make that ever futile stand that lots of you little misguided kids do in a vain attempt to change the asshole minds of the people on 12oz you won't be able to, you never are. I for one think your fucking lucky, if the same people who posted in this thread a year ago were here you get way worse fucking repsonses.

"No beef" fuck that shit, theres no such thing on the net, just shut your fucking mouth.


God I'm hungover.


Actually you've said it plenty of times. Ask asdf, you've done the same thing to him. But fucki it, I don't want to deal with your stupid ass right now. At leastyou know your an asshole, because you are. And take a fucking Chaser pill, shit stops hangoovers before they even start.

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oh man that DED mop is lovely a nice size mop and a nice sized nib cant wait for em....thought i'd throw this up here for those that dont kno but i hit up office depot and instead of gettin those little eyedroppers w/ ink i kept looking and found these



i just pop em open and use the ink...no staining wutsoever but its a base that subs for pilot or something else and then i add my stainers and btw using the roll on for writing is not good makes very thin lines but the carcass is good for a mop



they have these as well and have fabric nibs....

...take care

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I saw this way too late to edit.


I left out the (n't).

I'm forever doing that.


Correction: "You CAN'T buy style."


Skag... Chill out man. All the hate and mindless

jibber jabber is super unproductive. I saw you diss some

dude for reposting instructions to make your own mop and

all he said was "Thanks, keep up the good work, stay up..."

(I'm paraphrasing) and you called him a "no namer" demanding

he say who he is. Chill out. He is probably an older dude like

myself that's just seeing the ways we USED TO DO IT and got

stoked that kids are making it the classic way.




Not me.


Not you.


Not DED.


Not Oink.


Not even GOD.


You get your fame in the real world.


Fake ass gangster nerds on the internet can fuck off for all I

care, so yes... I will give a verbal beat down till they chill or

leave, but that dude(the one you insulted) was totally alright.

You are going to find some older heads that started ALL OF

THIS on here from time to time and you will never know it.



It's SO EASY to do.

I don't want to sit on here and lecture all day long, but I feel

like no one else is doing this for some of you guys. Sometimes

when you are coming up, you need that beat down, or a lecture

from someone who was there before you.


If someone doesn't have the option to punch you in the face for

unnecessarily, and anonymously, dissing them... maybe you shouldn't.

I fuck with people all the time, but I will apologize if someone gets

all hurt and shit. Don't act tough just because you have been on a

website for while and think you know everything.


No one knows everything.

Not even god.

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for the rit dye i have the same question. i have some of those and i have no clue what to mix it with. wen i used it the shit was almost transparent. any ideas on wat i can user to make it stain?


rit is only good to thin acrylic paint.


say you have orange rit...

mix it with orange acrylic. the 44 cent shit at walmart.

it doesnt have to be the exact same color, just do it.


same with black rit.


but people will trip shit if they see a hand in orange ink someplace.


i know i would. and with that, ill try another batch acryliRIT.


the same goes for india ink, but rit is cheaper.


i stole that last lil tidbit from a dude from SR. i cant remember his name and the sites down again, so ill post the link when i can.



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liquid, but w/e. get what you can. add enough water to it to dilute it. (i tried it with alcohol, it heated up, didnt mix, and blew up my ozarka bottle!


and for metallic colors...


if i wanted my own metallic blue or red, can i just straight up mix a color and ghetto krink to get it, or will it be just like mixing blue and grey(instead of silver)


cuz i wanted to mix some ghetto krink with some shit blue spraypaint i picked up (dont worry, i know how to depressurize paint and such):D


and a couple pages back, someone said something about ghetto krink blowing up in their faces. never happened to me, but now im concerned cuz i got it in a gleas jelly jar.:o

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oooooh i made the most buttery blue paint... Process Blue One Shot and just the right amount of mineral spirits.. probably not super permanent but its all good..my tags will bust untill they get buffed.


Ima post up a flick as soon as a get a window marker or something





Oh yeah, this tag is a window marker, not a mini mop. Just wanted to make it clear you dont have to waste your money on those mini mops, you can rack window markers

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