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rubbish heap

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my pen ink had problems in the rain, so i added scotch guard. it worked. 2 rains a a small flurry of snow and its still up. try spraying out scotch guard and mixing it with your rit dye. leather dye wouldnt hurt either. for my pen ink it was. 1 oz pen ink dilluted with alcohol, and 1.5 oz scotch guard. good luck.

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and about how much is liquid rit dye? i know i can pick up powdered. might want to try this myself...could get some crazy ass colored ink out of this. im thinking orange. yeah!


oh, and to add to my post above, try adding polycrylic to your rit. rit is waterbased, and polycrylic is a waterbased clear coat. tell me if it works, and its probably easier to deal with (and maybe cheaper) than scotch guard. you can pick up polycrylic at walmart and home depot. and also, cant remember if it was here or on bombingscience, but anything with the suffix "crylic" is waterbased. There is no such thing as an oil based acrylic paint.

Are you talking about the packs of clothes dye?

Anybody know if this would work?

no, the pops said its like liquid bluing, the stuff you use to make your shirts look whiter, but in powder form. im pretty sure its shit if it comes out in the wash. thanks anyways.

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