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rubbish heap

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Originally posted by snake_tooth@Nov 14 2005, 12:43 AM

that stuffs well old. i got sum punch leather dye and when i tried it out it takes ages to dry. i touched it after a day and it smuged, seems shit to me. does anyone know if its any good?


To this there is but a simple solution.

Don't use dyes (Griffin, Punch, Feibings, etc...) alone. Sure, they might stain, but they suck. Use dyes strictly as a base to your ink recipe, take it from me :chicken:

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anyone with ideas on metal eroding inks?? or inks in general that will eat through rust, paint, etc?? i dont wanna get etch, so any other ideas? i was thinking bleach and stuff, but i figure im best off getting some feedback on my options before i go making some crazy shit. good look, peace

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Originally posted by MC P.@Nov 16 2005, 04:05 PM

Anyone notice that Shai hasnt been around in a while... this is bad... we lost so many good inkthread gurus already... like rubbish heap... and omen... and that guy who ended everything with "be seeing you" yeah... come back SHAI... we cant have you MIA


damn, this thread is still around? first time i've checked it in maybe a month or two. chumba, hit me up on AIM, you know the name.

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Alright guys. I was flickin through my old science text book and i came across this chemical called potassium permanganate. I dont no much about it but i remember my good old science teacher saying that this chemical is impossible to remove. It has a red tint to it. I dont know if potassium permanganate is already in certain types of inks. I remember my teacher saying that if this chemical goes onto skin or any other surface, it is impossible to remove. If you get a drop on your skin you have to peel the layers of your skin to take it off. I dont know where i could get this chemical, maybe from a chemical store maybe? but since the terrorism laws have been past it is hard to get your hands on chemicals.


If anyone knows anything about potassium permanganate then please share the info with me. Or if you wish pm me about potassium permanganate.


Well thats it for now. I hope someone could shed the light on potassium permanganate for me


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Originally posted by TeezerPHM@Nov 23 2005, 07:08 AM

there is no such thing as unbuffable ink..... the closest to unbuffable is using that good shit that stains like a mother fucker


I got my friends little bro to rack some from his science room at school. bahahahha. I put it into my marker last night and went out. Ill tell all of you if they managed to buff it in a couple of weeks. :haha:


If you got a chemical that would remove potassium permanganate, I would certainly like to hear it.

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