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sole can suck my fat white cock. he's just a douche with a microphone. of course im on el-p's nuts even though def jux fell off. but mr.lif is Ill as fuck. el-p has the cuts. see del's both sides of the brain. track 8 or so i think if you dont like elp's fandam shit. but word.

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you are the stupidest bunch of mother fuckers i have ever met in my life. el-p is wacker than wack. linda trip sucked, dear elp was fucking hilarious. "i heard you only pull chicks when you play tug of war with lesbians" "some fools bought into it because they dont know no better/that you're a hamburger pimp, you're only out for the cheddar." "on stage, a failure, got to stop rocking mic's and start rocking asthma inhalers." "elp vs. spice girls, i've got five on scary spice, but both of yall are in need of backup singers when it's live" some of that shit is the most classic diss lines ever. elp's response was horrible - the song is gay as fuck, and the fact is, sole's just trying to handle his buisness like a man. alias, clouddead, telephone jim jesus, odd nosdam, these are the cats that are pioneering hip hop today. i'm drunk of jagermeister. fuck a cop. word.

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I think dear el p is tighter than linda trip. Tighter beat and his rymes r illin. Yall are right tho, i think anticon got alot weaker. Sole and Sage still hold it down. Atmosphere too, but i saw that fool, aseop rock, slug and brother ali on mtv at my girls house. Thats bunk shit, fuck that.

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alot of the anti con foos are tight as fuck as mc's...an the def jux weathermen foos are tight as fuck also on another level....but honest,ly...sole is a lil bitch....hahahahha i was laughing when i hear that phone call...what a lil puss bag,.....even if he rhymes hard as fuck he stillis a lil bitch...and although i will still listen tohis music cus it sounds dope and all that....as a person he will never get any respect cus he s a bitch...bottom line...anyoen who says different didnt hear the track or i in denial....

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