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yeha this was a matter a few years ago. sole. pathetic.he sucks his one of them booksmart prepschool herbs

hell i dont really like either of them but to top it off el-ps diss song linda trip had sole crying over the phone on how he was sorry he made the diss tape and how he wanted to be friends with coflow. come on now

el-p wins although i dont really like either of them.


the hole anticon shit i think is wack anyway. bunch of booksmart rhyme writing pussies

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I used to think Sole was alright, but then he just got too weird like the rest of anticon also seem to be doing. I had heard some of El-p's stuff then and didn't really like it. But then I heard funcrusher plus and El-P was the winner in my eyes. Have you heard the track he did on Aesop Rocks new album? I think that song had some of El-P's best lyricism. Sole sucks now, and like he said himself, he does "Art Fag, Peotry Bullshit."

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el-p destroyed sole... sole's diss is really good, but he called el-p and appologized. el-p got it on tape & put it on his diss song back to sole & shredded him. lesson learned= if you're going to diss a prolific figure in hiphop, don't try to take back what you said cuz you're gonna sound like the biggest pussy ever.


"i feel like selena, the president of my fan club is trying to kill me."


and aside from the beef, el-p is a major force in hiphop. he's been involved in so many projects, rhyming & producing (company flow, weathermen, def jux in general). his music, on top of just sounding raw, is composed like a classical symphony with movements and climaxes. his rhyming style is unlike anyone else because he's saying real shit in a super abstract way. i think el-p is unfuckwithable.


sole is good, but he's no el-p.. there's just no competition.

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soles poetry is gay. sorry. thats how i feel. he just whines and bitches. el-p's lyrics are much smarter if you listen to them.. the back in the day ones anyway i guess, the funcrusher plus stuff and a couple recent tracks i guess. he says this one thing on that delorean song: "sarcasm isnt advanced, its an inexperienced man's preference/ criticism isnt smart its for the artfully dejected" im not feeling el-p these days.. but sole's diss was so weak, he didnt say anything that hit me as harsh, intelligent, or true, and it was on another emo-ass beat. you just dont make a diss song that sounds that soft. el-p said some funny shit, though half of the time you cant hear what hes saying.. but the song was just harder, plus the phone call is classic. el-p wins. but this is old old news.


"do i sound scared??"

"no, i dont think you sound very scared..."


plus el-p, in my opinions, has made more of a contribution to hiphop, company flow is legendary, he started the label that put out labor days and cold vein (plus he produced cold vein that shits incredible)... so maybe def jux fell off but fuck it. sole was never on that level in my eyes. el-p has a strong aggressive style at the risk of sounding like an arrogant asshole, but sole's style is just weak and pussy is you ask me, he comes off as a passive agressive suburban little fuck who cant shine so he bitches about other people who can and tries to say why their shine isnt as valid as his mediocracy. thats just.. my opinion though.


wow ive said way too much on this topic.

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