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NBS - No Bull Shit

why write?

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heres some shit by NBS cru, criticism wanted....


and first of all...heres dat bitch y'all wanted to see from da first sketch...heres ur flick for dat, good luck wit jerking off...:lol:




damm shes hott :eek:











ill update this on a daily or weekly process, sorry for bad quality on some of them.....hit me up wit some feedback :dazed:

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;) ;) ;)

Well, here goes my opinion...the first piece is decent, a little too random of shit tho, looks like a baby drew came up with the letter structure with his foot...doesnt flow...


For the next one..tame...whats with the face, could lose that...

the 2nd to last is so so...3d is off a bit on the K and some other spots...last one cant really see but looks alright...

post some more:crazy:

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look dude, obviously ur stuff isnt great but at least its a start...there are much more writers who are worse than you, and i wouldnt be surprised if some of them are bashing you in this post. so fuck them keep working at it...ull get ur letter structure down eventually..until then fuck that fat chick...and keep working at it

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ill give some real advice this time, on the throwie, letter structure on all of them looks shitty, with a T, it doesnt look good to make the bottom and top stick out further then the middle part. the shape of the O is "ok" but far from good, it would look better if the hole was much smaller, and make the inner-circle of the O follow with the outer-circle of it. The M structure is off, M's dont have anything connecting them at the bottom like you have there, try disconecting it. The E just looks plain goofy, it looks like a lowercase B with a tumor hanging off of it, because there is no top to it, add a top part to make it look like an actual E.


The throwie's shape as a whole isnt terrible, but try to keep the shapes constant, and flow with the other ones.

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yo this thread is weak yall kids need to work on simples and throws then progress neways just my opinion.. havent been on in a while and i didnt wanna start my own thread so im just gunna post some of my new shit in here if you dunt like it , deal with it :twitch: this is something i did for my wife




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