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Originally posted by TREDAWG



seriously yeah. well my year ran up and i got to pay them 200 bucks for another year of hosting. it was due in december, but oh well. plus i got too many flikks up and i ran out of space on the server. i have about 200 new flikks to put up.


i'm thinking about taking all the old flikks down and burning cd's with it. then starting the new collection, but it's a lot of work to do.


this is what i've been doing lately, but it's not graff related. http://www.maekr.com/php/


i just found out about this. http://www.uncleboy.com and uh. what's goin on here?

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QUEST is KING! been in it pretty much since the begining and still going strong. where's everyone else? oh sorry, their too busy:rolleyes: GRAFFITI FOR LIFE. just giving credit where credit is due. big ups QUESTopher.:king:


ASEN,BOGUS,DESTRO,BEAMR,QUEST, killed that production!

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THAT PRODDY WAS SICK!!!!ummm, tred, if by silver and gold u mean paint pens, like with the little ball n shit, yes, i got those, kinda low though in sakura kine, i do have the load of deco though. hmmm, 10 on the prismas eh? haha, maybe if you let me join one of them productions, :) :) :) ,hahaha, naw im just foolin with yah,hit up rival, maybe next bench.

peace yall.

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