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The 12oz Grandpas'....

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Well.....fuck it.......I'm not alone in this catagory......I was in 3rd grade when I saw E.T. in the theater......so I guess puts me back a jiffy....and I was in 5th grade when the Space Shuttle "Challenger" blew up on t.v. with the first "teacher in space"...rip Christa McAucllife....I remember "The Rockford Files"....before it was cancelled.....I watched Bon Jovi perform "Runaway" on Solid Gold.....and I went to school with Marilyn McCoos' daughter.......fuckin' a.

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^^^^^not for a long time.........I went there a few times and didn't see anyone's "handle" I would know.....it was like everyone I knew(computer wise) had disappeared....so I haven't visited......peace to Gutter Steez and Cap Peeler.......if that rings a bell.one love.

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march 3rd is a day i have been dreading since 24.


this year i'll be 28, honestly it is scary. almost 30, no career (well, still in the works with school and all), major debt, no steady lady friend. but i've been told i look anywhere from 19 or 24, so i guess i am ok! i have all of my hair (although it is getting grey in some spots).


fuck it, i am young at heart and that is what counts.


i have a friend who is 26 and he acts like he is 50 (and not a cool 50, a stuffy, grump, depends wearing 50). so i don't feel that bad.






cheers to all of my old farty 12oz brethren!

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