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flu season fucking sucks. in addition to the regular lineup of drugs, i use this:


in a small pot, add a handful of peppermints, a handful of cough drops, lots of lemon juice, sugar, and lots of honey to boiling water. wait till everything melts into a smooth mixture, drink hot. actually tastes pretty good.


any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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ok this is wierd but i jusr caught the flu recently and i had those chills and dizzynes and the just general SHIT fealling.



well one night i downd 8 big spoonfulls of robitussin extra streingth COUGH (just COUGH not COUGH/sinus)


and like not only did i get a little silly in the head....but the shitty badness fealling went faarrrrr away and never came back



WTF????? but it works... oh and this tea thats all crazy...i forgot the name but just go to a tea place and ask for a sick fixit tea that starts with a M...


it tastes all cinimonyy.

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