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who would win?

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then willy said: HI MILTON

FlipoWilson: what the deal chingy

then willy said: please my name is not chingy

then willy said: its toad

FlipoWilson: toad as in frogger?

then willy said: no toad as in toad_aaa frm 12oz

FlipoWilson: ah shit, what up?

then willy said: nothing chilling

then willy said: you got any sketches on you

FlipoWilson: a couple roughs

then willy said: hook it up ill give you some of my old sketches and a new wall

FlipoWilson: why do you ask?

then willy said wants to directly connect.

then willy said is now directly connected.

then willy said: HAHAHHAHA

then willy said: kl

then willy said: kl

then willy said: jk

then willy said: jk

FlipoWilson: put me out on some noumer

then willy said: SERIA

then willy said: different

FlipoWilson: yup

FlipoWilson: how so

then willy said: your r is a lil EH??

then willy said: the bottom of the S needs work

then willy said: I looks like a shroom

FlipoWilson: its a little thin

then willy said: yea

then willy said: E looks like my POO

FlipoWilson: wha?

FlipoWilson: like your poo?

then willy said: yes

FlipoWilson: like shit?

then willy said: basically

FlipoWilson: do you need someone to critique your shit

then willy said: not like shit ina bad way

then willy said: like it looks like the inside of a tire bent

then willy said: to create a illusion of an e

FlipoWilson: haha id critique you but i dont have that much time

then willy said: HHAHAHAHHA

then willy said: one of these day young boy

then willy said: how old are you

FlipoWilson: 22

then willy said: never mind

then willy said: no wonder

FlipoWilson: freshly

then willy said: when did you start wrting

FlipoWilson: lets put it this way, im a bomber, not a piecer

then willy said: thats what it looks like

then willy said: i used to write lamer

FlipoWilson: for good reason too

then willy said: when i used to live in port land

then willy said: jaber is my cousin

FlipoWilson: do you think youre gonna get respect from me

then willy said: i dont need it from you

FlipoWilson: i dont really give a fuck about jaber

then willy said: HAHAAHAHa

then willy said: have respect for your elders

FlipoWilson: ahhhh, hes just another guy to me

then willy said: me and jaber hit freeway spots 2 in the after noon

FlipoWilson: congrats

then willy said: your whack doode

FlipoWilson: yup

FlipoWilson: real wack

then willy said: HAHaHhahahha3.

then willy said: this is great

FlipoWilson: yea

FlipoWilson: i used to hit the 3 with taki back in the day

then willy said: hahahahahhaha

then willy said: thats hard to belive

FlipoWilson: and seen's my brothers cousins sisters uncle

then willy said: according to your style

FlipoWilson: hahaha

FlipoWilson: i think you're kinda lacking in that department as well there guy

then willy said: hahhaahha

then willy said: thats great

FlipoWilson: aren't i?

then willy said: yea

FlipoWilson: i know

FlipoWilson: its rare to come across such a superior human being nowadays

FlipoWilson: especially when we have cats like you out there

then willy said: so true

then willy said: yea people that actually get up like me

FlipoWilson: so this is you huh?

then willy said: nah thats my homie deco

then willy said: i hvae his xbox right now

FlipoWilson: figured id check you to see if youd front

then willy said: hahhahaha

then willy said: nah that aint me

then willy said: the rest are though

FlipoWilson: i do think the system got a little overloaded on shaky lines and shit colouring

FlipoWilson: i think my daughter can hack a better outline than that

then willy said: yea

then willy said: hahhaha i hope

FlipoWilson: do you understand the point im trying to get across?

then willy said: no

then willy said: wait yea

FlipoWilson: what is it?

then willy said: you hating on me to make yourself look better

then willy said: yea know i see

FlipoWilson: naw

FlipoWilson: its the other way around....its obvious who has the upper hand here.

then willy said: well you know what man im glad you daughter can hack a better out line then my 6 month old shit

then willy said: and you hit the 3's with taki

FlipoWilson: yea, thats my dawg from back in '78

then willy said: but you still just another toy to me




TST 3dc

then willy said direct connection is closed.

FlipoWilson: you arent the brightest light in the box are you?

Previous message was not received by then willy said because of error: User then willy said is not available.


now with that out of the way,


lets take a poll!!!



in a battle, who would slice who?


1. seria




2. anex



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How do you guys justify filling a whole background like that, it looks good..but i couldnt justify wasting that much marker.

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Originally posted by cømmunist

care to post your stuff?

no because you arent worth the time kid


tuck yaaa chain and start to do some graffiti


all seria did was take some mediocer letters color them real nice and add some arrows.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


and i dont think anex knows whhhat the fuck hes doing there....system overload is right son........go back to the blocks

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my vote goes to seria, although. i agree with don tahn.


kids got some simple letters and just added a nice fill.


whatever works.





as for anex, stick to simples. system overload? you didn't have to tell us you couldn't handle the style you tried. we can see it just fine.

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shit i dont get it, seria, durrr. but none of that shit is toads, he sucks, he talks shit and thats about it, cuz he sucks, gott damn sohn. He is deff a little bitch about shit

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Originally posted by cømmunist

i was expecting a level compared to dork, gotone, etc..

not a level as anex and the other dude.. like i said no room.

im not some art fag bad impersonation of a paper chase saint, i dont spend to much time coloring in the lines but kid i know what im talking about in this case


get off the nuts and lets see whos talking

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ooo... ouch... i feel my heart being ripped out and stamped on. or maybe its the mexican food i had for lunch... heartburn... *burp*


big ups to art fags! :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by WrIot

nice job seria but i could do betta


look at the 3d pages the name is TUO


holy shit, you are cocky as fuck

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You write dimebag? You lose, automatically.


Seria may do simples with a couple arrows thrown in, but he's good at what he does.

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