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........you filthy little people....

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i'm out of paint.


i win at ceelo all the time.


i have a box of money to show for it.


grateful (may be updated):


-that i'm the coolest individual there is. really. i'm the shit.


-my life doesn't suck.


-that i didn't persue this girl i know. shit would not have gone right. :yuck:


that about covers it all.

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

12oz Best Thread of the Day.


In accepting this award I would like to thank all the 20 dollar nobbers and 50 dollar bags of endo I got from my 3 grade teacher Ms. Giglioni. Only in America.

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ooh...im thankfull for a lot of things!



1. not having a life freshman year so all i did was practis drumming.

2.getting damn good at the drums

3.4 years later and now im in a record lable doing studio work with crazy jazzed out musicians and having a sweet metal band as a side prodject!



wow.....drums are teh cool!:king:

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Re: Re: ........you filthy little people....


Originally posted by Devilush

i want a piggyback ride.


where have you been? i havent seen you in such a long time. how's everything??


Been working on BIG projects with the montana guys and sprapex. Probably have a few angry customers but most things are taken care of. Trying to prepare for sprapex phase 2. We will have our own line of montana-esque paint in around 4 or 6 months.


Good lookin out lush. Still look at the short cuts everyonce and awhile and think about you. e-mail me from the site.

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i forgot what i am thankful for:


my baby hoe

my family

my weed


**caps...workin on issue 10. might be 50 pages this time or i might make two issues at the same time...depending how things go. but i am so glad t hear that things are great for you!! i cant wait till your paint. wanna trade in the near future? ;)

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