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anybody know how to turn a longboard into a hover board with jet propulsion?

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.........yea snow is coming, the ducks fly south or hide out at their baby momma house. it starts getting colder,


and no matter how much fucking lotion i put on my face it still ends up looking like i dipped my face into a bowl of flower.


and somhow all the keggers end up outside in some back yard. and there i am at 2 in the morning with frozen hands trying not to get snowflakes on my dick and not slipping while taking a leak


and why is it cold weather gives people liscense to wear some of the ugliest beanies,sweaters,jackets, and pants. why just the other day i saw some old fat lady and her fine ass daughter wearing matching tiedye beanies lime green and pink snow jackets, bright orange snow pants and blue snow boots.


and why is it every store starts selling bird houses as soon as december hits?

how come my heater wont ever turn off? sure its damn near twenty below outside but its 97 degrees in my house.



whats the friggen deal with so many cop shows on tv? bring back matlock


why are cops just now starting to get tough on crackhouses in my town?


why is it that shows start at 7pm in the midwest instead of 8pm like in cali? swear to god if i miss smallville one more time i'm hurting sombody


neopets are evil...........damn trading cards and toys making me spend a whole paycheck........eeeeeeeeevil


how come i ended up coming back to 12 oz when i said i was taking a break?


whats the deal the yard? are there no new ideas anymore?


i'm i the only one ?.............but that girl in white oleander is fuckable through the whole movie.


why cant i use a sword like uma thurman in kill bill?


why is it the sidwalk always has ice on it in only the parts you decide to walk on.......its like the shit moves in your way just to make you fall on your ass


anybody remember santas village in big bear california?.....good times eh?


how come there are so many flavors and types of rice noodles in the same colored bag in all the hmong food shops?


could anybody send me 10 pounds of real carne asada? i'm dyin out here.....and som tapatio......ooh and som homemade horchata


and why is it all the black people out here i see have the need to stop and talk to me like there is some secret knowledge passed around of a african american oasis hidden in my town and they want directions to it.........sure we are the same racial heritage but i dont know your ass..just nod your head and keep walking chump


and how come i keep getting molested by 45-50 year old white women at bars......i'm not bothered with it..i enjoy it most of the time, but i just dont get it


and all these middle class people bumping the crap out of 50 cent and tupac .....acting thug is the worst.....swear i was at the register and this white kid ..had to be about 13 looked like he jumped straight out of ying yang twinz video and had the red hankerchief all folded just like the gangmembers do in the movies.....and his mom poor mom like a little beaten down betty crocker she was.....i just dont get it ...i thought about punking him for his money.....but i was on clock and had to stay on register for another 3 hours.....but still i woulda done it



and how come you sweat so much in winter time?


krylon went up again........grrrrrr


but all in all i think it would work with magnets air air pressure but then i wonder how will i keep the board stable?

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it's going to be nice and warm this weekend. i'm going to buy shorts tonight. i'm all excited cos i haven't needed a pair of shorts for about 4 years

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