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Guest Plaid Fill-ins

^ Rend, the reason your handstyles are sucking is because you are doing what most beginning writers do, which is to try to make shit look too complex before you learn what a simple, clean, good handstyle looks like. Try to think of how your best writing looks like, then write your tag based on that, write it over and over, eventually you'll bump into things that you like and it will start to take form. As for your throw, lay off those sharp angles and again, you gotta simplify before you can do technical stuff, peace!

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Originally posted by Rend@Mar 20 2006, 11:52 PM

heres some of my handstlyes.



still looking for help on my throws.


Elwoods definately right ~


hey man try this.... this might sound gay at first, lol...but it works


just let loose, flex out your wrist a bit make sure your not to tense before you start tryin to tag...try drawing a series of straight lines, the next one straighter than the one before, then try that with circles. after a bit you'll be warmed up and your eye hand coordination will be on top of its game.


even though taggin looks chaotic, its mad uniformed man one angle counter balances the next, you just cant have something flowin off to one area with out a reason.


shit i forgot to say this to ----

find some writing you like, yours or not, doesnt matter, practice writing on top of it, the same letters, the same way, over and over again, till you find the flow of it. sooner or later your hand writing will start adjusting correctly on its own.



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Originally posted by Rend@Mar 21 2006, 09:57 PM

yea i know wut u mean. tagging on paper is harder than writing on walls and stuff to me. like wen i write with an otr is slides better on a wall then having a small chisel tip marker on paper.


i know what your saying man..practice makes perfect yo...keep at it...you'll get it, as long as you truly love the shit..it'll come through...




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Originally posted by ENKO ONE@Mar 22 2006, 09:15 PM

It's pretty shit but i don't know any other way off writting bone...Can someone please help me out.!


yo those are ok, i like the first three letters of the bottom left tag, esp the o. i think u just need to practise and that way youll get better just like every1 else does. try diferent things with your letters and see how they look and remember sometimes basic stuff can look good

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Frends tags:







This part was pretty fun. Went to the water tank. Basically hiked up a mountain. Wasnt prepared with good stuff but soon will be getting spray etc... Just practicing and getting used to that adreneline rush and stuff






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