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@Giant- Dude... don’t give up on that P. I like it. I had some fun with it just now and it makes me wish wrote Poker.    

None are mine but they are some of my favorites    

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im probably exagerating a little bit but you have a very texas san antonio style goin on from the folks ive met from down there.really i think im just goin off on the ten years claim.stop playin.


yo i said i been DRAWIN these styles fer bout 10 years, i never said i been paintin walls fer a decade!! i been thru a few names, u gots NO idea who i am.. u sent me a link of ppl who r bangin out walls with me n my people.. fuckin writes!!?? dont knock my shit cuz im not down with ur lingo n i dont give a shit about the scene son.. i aint tryin to hav no sissy forum beef w/ u, guy.. ur prauly on the internet entirely too much fer all tha wrong reasons..

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alright im callin bullshit.you been in the game 10 years and your writes are still that toy? and the fact that you posted in this thread not nowing the difference between a handstyle and a piece is a huge indicator that your still a toy my nig.


your style looks more than influenced by people who are in the city your reppin.youve been in the game 10 years and you havent noticed these people up? bullshit.














someone tell me im not going crazy..because this cats style looks like a bad attempt at trying to copy code and kaos.idk.its very codesque.im probably just trippin because your tryng to tell me youve been in the game 10 years and i know your bullshittin.




..sendin me a link to easr old stuff wen easr over here chilln givn me props at tha spots.... u fuckin i-net flake, my shit dont look like nun eas or kaos ol stuff wen they went by different names.. i kno both these cats n these cats kno my werk, big ups to DCB they doin ther fuckin thang but thers never no question on a fuckin biter every1 here knos that. ayo ur trash. dont respond to none of this, nuthin u got to say is relevent. keep up w/ practicin ur scripts n i/'ll keep doin tech peices.. sorry again, wrong thread..

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im not gonna fight with you.you suck.and for someone who claims to have been sketching or painting for ten years you would think you would be better by now.hang it up.i never met anyone who doesnt know what a handstyle is.ever.your stuff is pretty similar imo,i can atleast see influences by them..i take back the biting shit the more i look at it.but that still doesnt change the fact that you spent 10 years accomplishing nothing when i have seen people who write for a year surpass you in style.no bullshit.again i apologise for the biting part....your still whack though.

atleast i admit that im a novice..

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