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I never said I was a hand king and i may not see enoguh mags/videos/"internet shit" these days to know that philly/b-more wickets are the balls, but i thought that shit that dude posted was boring and lame. Hey we're all entitled to our opinions. I'm from NY so, so a good deal of the shit that fools pupm out since the 70's is legable.


I can see that maybe you and Gucci are from that area, so hey no disrespect. Just not diggin it.




I was drunk when i replied, and usually wouldn't reply all heated. I apologize as well, but if "wickets" is one of the only reasons you got into the graff game(like you posted) then youre in for the wrong reasons. Maybe i need to broaden my horizons, take it light.


Gucci lets see what ya got? Ill give thr props deserved, again i dont claim to be a hand king, just enjoy to see what people have to offer.




Still not understanding why this is "good"



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alright, if you even had the least bit of a trained enough eye to read those styles and understand their motion then you wouldn't even be talking in the first place. your hand is basic as fuck compared to the intricacies, depth, and range of the hands you're trying to talk shit about and compare to right there.


don't knock what you don't understand, cus the proofs in the pudding, and apparently you havent even begun to have tasted it.

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thank you but im not from philly so i cant really say i got that shit down


not allot of people know about it, but baltimore has history behind its hands too


from those examples they may not be wicket-wickets, but they definitely are wildstyles and wicked in the sense of the term.


what other writer's out in baltimore have hands like yours? i mean, if you're the only one doing that particular style then, how would it even be considered regional if most of the writers there aren't even doing these as well?


i see that they got that small-to-big-to-the-left-tilt going on but what else besides those particulars makes up a baltimore style? also, if its no trouble, please elaborate on the history.

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93 till...


to be honest there i dont know much about the history but i do know zeek is left handed so when he started comin out his hands rocked to the left and basically an entire style was based off his hand... but revolt came from NY in the late 70s and really influenced it and revolt always had that style in his hand... but my style is real different from anyone in bmore i tend to add more shit to my hands, idk i dont give a shit about pieces at all so all i ever do is hands and throws...



long story short there isnt much history behind the style, it basically started off one writer



edit... i still like philly hands better than bmore hands but since im from bmore i gotta rock em, i really would like to learn philly hands tho

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