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What do you listen to while you sketch?

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I like to open the window and here the sounds of the street below me.


In the summer when windows are open all though the neighbourhood

there's a mix of live jazz from next door, reggae beats from down the

way, the occasional car blasting chunky woofers and the buzz of the city.


A streetcar can pass and I hardly notice the tons of steel on concrete

but a drunken yell always picks my ears up. There's a good thousand

people that walk past my door on a sunndy saturday afternoon and

my window is just high enough off the street to make them all blend.


I dont need music. The city is music.


[/lame shot at being poetic/]

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Originally posted by SleepAnDream

honestly though, not to be the asshole but...who fucking cares?


I dont think anyone really cares,..just interesting to see I guess.

I kinda go with the flow as well, depends on the mood, depends on the situation etc...when im at home I usually put on some kinda music to tune out of whats going on around me...


jazz is great as well


nice attempt Kilo ;)....wasnt there a movie about that? concentrate to the music of the city!? For some reason your post reminded me of something...cant think of it though

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uhm that new tricky album

john forte's album with the reggae and stuff



mostly alot of dubstyle reggae or drum and bass (hardstep,some ragga,mostlyjump up, somtimes the hip hop ish, every now and then the classic stuff,but i do listen to alot of r.a.w and hive..and kingpin too)


hey has anybody seen dj starscream (dj from slipknot) live or heard his stuff? i'm gonna be going to some rave in oshkosh wisconsin where ever the fuck oshkosh is. but r.a.w is gonna be there along with starscream. i guess he spins jungle but i dont have the resources right now to hear his stuff anybody know?


p. i wonder if raw will remember me as that one guy who stole all of dj irene's records in the middle of her set?

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Originally posted by yoink

For some reason your post reminded me of something...cant think of it though


I was hoping for a bit os a 'Streetcar Named Desire' vibe.


...and the sound of the jazz band played on into the night.

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It's def. nice to listen to jams on the headphones while you're out painting. It makes it so you don't make those little noises that let people know you've got an ear out. I don't feel so sketchy when I have headphones on, underground hip hop ha ha ha. I like Elephant Man, makes me want to hit some real in your face type spots. Problem is I only have tape player and I quit making mix types like three years ago. Anyone mentioned U2? I guess when I'm drawing I like hip hop gets the ideas going ya know. Cannibal Ox (bastards don't play the show they were supposed to) Biggie, ODB (on the walkman) Uz Jsme Doma "I love you my baby my sweet cherie "

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Originally posted by blood as ink

i listen to whatever i want to at the time i guess...right now i'm listening to agents of satan...normally my a.d..d kicks in before i'm i'm done with a letter and just fill up the page with a bunch of shitty tags.sketching is for losers.

haha gnarly
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