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ipods dirty little secret

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

and what does seeking have to say about this?


not every ipod dies after 18 months. it not as if there's some internal 'countdown' until 'd-day'.

but, on top of that, all i have to say is:

Best Buy 4 year extended warranty: $40 = PRICELESS


since they already stopped making my model, as soon as it does break, i'll get upgraded to the 20gig. and 3 and a half years from now, i'll probably be ready for the 400gig one that im sure they'll have. so i can hold 47million songs in it.

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seeking just to let you know i got a service plan for my mini disk player from best buy and the dood literally had to talk me into buying it... i didnt want it at all... i ended up buying it and my mini disk broke and they wouldnt honor my service plan or give me money back on the plan or player... it was a case of me not reading the fine print and a sales person not knowing what he was talking about.. the thing that really made me buy it was "and if you ever want a new one just throw this one on the ground and bring it in we'll give you a new one right then, or the better one if we dont have it..." yea... needless to say i didnt throw it on the ground but i do still own a broken mini disk..

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believe me i did it was prolly one of two times i have freaked out in public.. im normally a chill guy but i cursed and was talking to the manager the whole time... he said it was the employees fault and there wasnt anythign he could do since i got it at a different best buy than the one i was at... all i wanted was my player at that point the service plan was the straw that broke the camels back... or something..

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there all the same corporate shit. one store has to honor the other's warranty.


just refer yourself to the next person in the chain of command.


that is all.


if that does not work file a complaint with your local government. if you really paid for a warranty and they refuse to honor it..thats a problem.

make sure your within your rights though, and not asking for anything thats not in writing.

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