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What R U Doing For Thanksgiving?

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Im bout to start off the night with a phatty meal with the fam...enjoy a nice turkey and a pig roast..umm that makin me salivate already.. Then im bout to duck out from the family event and hit up this hiphop show at a local bar.. Im bout to see DJ TOMMEE.. for all u that have heard of him u know he's raw as hell, and if u havent u need to get on that shit..Hes from Buffalo NY, but he plays madd shows up in Boston too..


To here a DJ Tomme Mix tape hit up




Click on DJ Tommees mix tape..


Enjoy ur Turkey...

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I'm going over to Aunt Bernice's house out in the country, then we'll go kill our turkey. Then Uncle Tim and his kids are coming by with the arsenal. He's bringing all kinds of weapons and we like to shoot everything to shit. Then we'll probably tap the keg about 11 am and chill on the deck, then maybe shoot some more guns. Then we'll probably play a game of tackle football as long as therr arent anymore "incidents" with the guns and neighbors like last year. If aunt Bernice gets enough of ol' grampies cough syrup in her she'll prolly play some ball with us. She's pretty quick for her size and last year returned a kick-off for a touchdown. The only reason she got in the end zone was cause she punched me in the nuts at the 10 yard line. She'll get hers this year, that Bitch!

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Originally posted by Telo

shit im driving more than 600 miles and it isnt shit. i dont mind driving.,


Yeah, I don't mind the drive either. It's that whole not having a car thing that fucks me up. I'd feel a little absurd buying a plane ticket to eat a meal... you lucky turkey gobbling bastards.

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I am going to eat until i feel actual pain rising in my stomach and then find a vegan to throw it all up on. Then I'll go back home and eat some more to replace what i lost.


Dinner---Sex---Go out to the bar---visit some friends---go home---sex---slepp

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