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Dentist fear/broken tooth/pic inside...

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On saturday night my tooth got chipped, I was drinking beer from a bottle when my friend hit the back of my head, the bottle smashed it.


But, in 1 hour I am due at the dentist to get it capped, will it be painful? Will he have to sand it down? Will there be injections?

:shook: :shook:



:shook: :shook:

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no, i haven't. i was kidding with you

i don't know about up in norf london, but down here in the states no liscensed doctor is going to let you go through pain you can't handle.

i was going in for dental surgery a year back and they gave me valium just to calm me down on the car ride there. so the surgery wouldn't be on my mind. once i got there they just put me to sleep.


that was ill

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jackson bruv, at the worst youll get those crappy injections into your mouth which really wont work. then afterwards you wont be able to eat / drink / smoke / speak as half your face will be numb. :D


last time i faced an injection from the dentisit i went to pizza hut afterwards and each time i went to take a bite of pizza it missed my mouth:mad:

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i have 5 chipped teeth.


one of them was chipped when i was twelve, about as bad as jackson's


..over the next fifteen years, it was chipped two additional times, now the thing is half its original size..the one next to it also copped a chip, which at least evens them out a bit..


i don't trust dentists at all.

even though the last chip has made it realy sensitive, i know a nerve is exposed, i still won't go..


i have really good dental hygeine, but i haven't seen the inside of a dentist's office in ten years..


they always tell people it's gonna be a simple, painless procedure..all a scam.


fuck dentistry

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Man the last time i went into the dentist and had cavaties filled they shot the novicane in the wrong place. My shit went numb but not in the right spot so when they started to drill my teeth i almost punched that bitch in the neck. So they shot me again and fixed it. But they had the same problem on the bottom and i ended up getting 5 shots in my face to get 2 fillings. I had the chance to feel what it was like to have a stroke. Half of my face didnt work and it was a chore trying to smoke a cigarette. drool and everything. I looked straight mongoloid after that shit.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Hahaha, fuckin awesome thread...Chipped tooth, huge bump...i'd love to see the said scene on video...


Anyway, jackson..it wont hurt, when they dont touch nerves or gums it never does. Good luck.

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ASk them kats for some nitrus and ull be fealin good throught he whole thing.. If they give it to ya there gonna put it on a low settign at first.when they ask u if u feel anything say no and they'll turn it up full blast.. they breath as much in as possible.. When u go tell um u dont like the effects of the novacine injection and see if u can get that nitrus.. if u do have fun!

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