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The evil dead appreaciation thread!


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........on a semi related tangent/rant


the necronomicon was created from the imagination of h.p lovecraft way back in the 1910-20's. wich formed as a basis around many of his stories

such as cthulhu,dagon the old ones, innsmouth, shogoths, elder ones. and lots of tentacles....wich also got into hentai for some reason(but thats a whole nother thing) but the necronomicon is pure fiction. it doesnt exist. or in the form we think. there are many copies of hoaxes drafted together with sumerian mythology along with the real myth of dagon who's image is of a man not a hybrid fish creature, and hints of the imaginings of lovecraft,robert bloch, robert e edwards, and august derleth. wich is also further fuled by members of the chaosium who keep the tradition of his work intact.


wich leads me to another creepy thing.......august derleth is from wisconsin....and has family in my town.. so is it odd that i got so into the lovecraft mythos while in a place where one of the members comes from?




oh ya evil dead 2.......the part where everything in the room is laughing

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