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^^^^^probably still sitting in the yard, hard to say, might be rolling too, it was one of those situations, where, you have 2 shots left on the roll, what do you do? shoot the whole car? or just the left and right panel????? my choice was , you guessed it, l&r panel...sorry man..thats the way it goes sometimes...no disrespect intended, just didnt have enough film, for the situation...piece..THE HOUND:cool:

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Originally posted by MineWonr

Lions should paint for atak more often...


12oz, giving nobodies a voice for years..


Kid you dont even fucking paint graffiti. How many times have you painted not under a bridge in your entire life.. wait I can answer for you.. ZERO


Atak has been crushing your city years before you picked up a prismacolor, and youre trying to diss on some dumb shit.


Just shut your fucking mouth, you are nothing more than a joke.

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Originally posted by FR8HOUND

^^^^^^^^^^i lost out on what was starting to be a great fucking blowjob once, because I farted in my girls face..she's my ex now, so fuck it..but yeah it was funny...:D


hahahah that fucking rules fr8hound.

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Originally posted by cAzer

hahahah that fucking rules fr8hound.


YEAH WELL, it's true..hey shit happens, you know...i think it was after i ate breakfast one morning, orange juice, and raisin bran..I'll tell you now, those two DO-NOT-MIX....haha, trust me...it's a concoction for a blast of gas...:lol:

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