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Philly BlackBook Thread

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so, am i to understand all the sketches in here are from the entire city of philly? cuz that is what the title depicts

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yeah motherfucker not too many heads out here are on an art fag tip spendin 30 hours on a sketch and shit. not to say people dont have the ability to do so..they just tend to spend more time in the area of handstyles because thats whats ill about here and the first thing you should have down. and im not saying your comment offends me either because I know how to some people it may look like scribble...to me it looked like a fuckin wild ass code that I had to figure out and wanted to do it myself..been trying to do so for 4 or 5 years now and I still dont have what I was looking for. all im saying is some people see it for what it is..others cant see past "scribble"...if you want to talk shit than do a philly hand that looks good and you can talk all the shit you want.

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