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an intelligent debate on sexual relations

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SomeGuyontheBoard: yeap

SomeGuyontheBoard: 6:30

TinFoilTVAntenna: get to it

SomeGuyontheBoard: get to what? sleep?

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah

TinFoilTVAntenna: im not even bothering

TinFoilTVAntenna: i never sleep well on sundays

TinFoilTVAntenna: i dunno why

SomeGuyontheBoard: the weekend gets you all thrown off

TinFoilTVAntenna: perhaps

TinFoilTVAntenna: i think i catch up on too much sleep

SomeGuyontheBoard: like I said, I always get 3-4 hours of sleep an ight anyway

SomeGuyontheBoard: I can sleep when I'm 30 and have 3 kids, a wife I can't stand and a job I want to kill myself over

SomeGuyontheBoard: then I can sleep

SomeGuyontheBoard: right now, it's prime time

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

TinFoilTVAntenna: well

TinFoilTVAntenna: you could always beat em all until you're tired

SomeGuyontheBoard: haha

SomeGuyontheBoard: this weekend sucked ass

TinFoilTVAntenna: why?

TinFoilTVAntenna: sleeping rocks

SomeGuyontheBoard: yeah but I don't want to look back in 10 years and go "Man, I slept away the best years of my life...."

TinFoilTVAntenna: i dunno

TinFoilTVAntenna: i hate that whole "sleep when im dead attitude"

SomeGuyontheBoard: then hate me.

TinFoilTVAntenna: you need sleep to operate correctly

SomeGuyontheBoard: sleep is for the people who don't have enough to do. :)

TinFoilTVAntenna: i hate you cause you're a slut

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: I'm so not a slut but you can think that if it makes you happy

TinFoilTVAntenna: i havce plenty to do.. like sleep ;)

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh, i just said that to mess w/ you

TinFoilTVAntenna: slut

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh

SomeGuyontheBoard: haha

SomeGuyontheBoard: i wish I was a slut

TinFoilTVAntenna: i do sometimes

TinFoilTVAntenna: when i got the porn going

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: or even like talking to a hoe on the phone sometimes

TinFoilTVAntenna: but man

SomeGuyontheBoard: I dunno..real girls just don't compare usually to porn girls

TinFoilTVAntenna: im the type of guy that once i nut, i dont even wanna talk to em

TinFoilTVAntenna: i just wanna go have a sandwich

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaha me too

SomeGuyontheBoard: I've never cuddled after sex

SomeGuyontheBoard: not once

TinFoilTVAntenna: well, sometimes i think of chicks on my list, or that i've hung out w/ and think about hollering.. but it always passes

SomeGuyontheBoard: It's all a big waste of time really

TinFoilTVAntenna: the cuddling or the sex?

SomeGuyontheBoard: girls and anything that has to deal with them

TinFoilTVAntenna: ha ha

TinFoilTVAntenna: word

TinFoilTVAntenna: i don't know if the hopes are gonna help me or hurt me

TinFoilTVAntenna: on one hand, they're healthy

TinFoilTVAntenna: on the other, they lead to becomming unhealthy

SomeGuyontheBoard: I think, honestly, the only reason I still even try is because I've got this belief instilled me, from somewhere, that the "one" is out there and I can't help me to try and look sometimes

TinFoilTVAntenna: and they are defined as healthy by people that believe em

SomeGuyontheBoard: enstilled?*

TinFoilTVAntenna: instilled is right

TinFoilTVAntenna: and i know exactly how you feel

TinFoilTVAntenna: but then i think that i'm just being optimistic

TinFoilTVAntenna: and that it's a good myth

TinFoilTVAntenna: cause think of how much money gets spent inthe name of love

SomeGuyontheBoard: no shit

SomeGuyontheBoard: I hate that

SomeGuyontheBoard: and it cant be helped either

SomeGuyontheBoard: if you want a girl you have to drop dimes...

SomeGuyontheBoard: just the way it is

TinFoilTVAntenna: which further leads you to believe that there isn't the one out there

TinFoilTVAntenna: but there might be that one that doesnt want you to spend the loot

SomeGuyontheBoard: no, they always need loot, no matter what

SomeGuyontheBoard: they may not want you to spend any but it can't be helped

TinFoilTVAntenna: i know it

TinFoilTVAntenna: i dunno

TinFoilTVAntenna: maybe part of it is

TinFoilTVAntenna: lack of experience when i was younger

TinFoilTVAntenna: and i always thought of a girl as a goal

TinFoilTVAntenna: and then you get older

TinFoilTVAntenna: and see what a pathetic goal it is

SomeGuyontheBoard: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: that is so true

TinFoilTVAntenna: and you tend to take the realization almost personally

TinFoilTVAntenna: cause it reveals how idiotic you were

SomeGuyontheBoard: ahha

SomeGuyontheBoard: thats so true though

TinFoilTVAntenna: the other thing is

TinFoilTVAntenna: even if you manage to not fall for some slut

TinFoilTVAntenna: by the time you're like 35

TinFoilTVAntenna: you'll be gettin hella jocked

TinFoilTVAntenna: by all these divorcees

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaa

SomeGuyontheBoard: I used to joke about how I'd catch my girl on the rebound from the first or second divorce

TinFoilTVAntenna: cause you'll have no kids, no baggage, but you'll still ahve money

SomeGuyontheBoard: I'm never getting married

SomeGuyontheBoard: yeah

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: damn I never thought of it like tht!

SomeGuyontheBoard: no baggage but tons of money that is all yours...

SomeGuyontheBoard: life will be sweet! hah

TinFoilTVAntenna: yep

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: then you can die and donate it all to grafiti cleanup charities for your shot at heaven

SomeGuyontheBoard: thats a damn fine idea mate.

SomeGuyontheBoard: ahhah

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: ya know, that you clean up your wrongs with money because lefts face it, money fixes everything hahaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah

TinFoilTVAntenna: i think it says that in the bible

TinFoilTVAntenna: but i dunno

TinFoilTVAntenna: maybe this sentiment is a part of maturing?

TinFoilTVAntenna: all my friends hate women

TinFoilTVAntenna: so does my older bro

TinFoilTVAntenna: my lil bro doesnt think too highly of them

SomeGuyontheBoard: once my hormones are completely settled (and thats not too far off, I don't guess) I'll be fine without them

TinFoilTVAntenna: but i dunno... my dad holds em in pretty high esteem

SomeGuyontheBoard: man I swear dood, if women weren't so cute it'dbe all over

SomeGuyontheBoard: think about it

SomeGuyontheBoard: if all women were ugly okay

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah, i'll admit.. it's getting easier, which is kinda scary

SomeGuyontheBoard: us men would kill them off

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: just like the do do bird

SomeGuyontheBoard: seriously man

SomeGuyontheBoard: thnk about it

TinFoilTVAntenna: if they were all ugly, there'd just be a different standard of beauty

SomeGuyontheBoard: if all women were ugly...it'd be curtains

SomeGuyontheBoard: okay

SomeGuyontheBoard: if all women were unappealing

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

SomeGuyontheBoard: as if they almost werent already

TinFoilTVAntenna: i was about to say

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh

SomeGuyontheBoard: Yeah I threw that one in there for your ass

SomeGuyontheBoard: haah

TinFoilTVAntenna: hahaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: thanks

SomeGuyontheBoard: no problem

SomeGuyontheBoard: haah

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

TinFoilTVAntenna: but yeah

TinFoilTVAntenna: hormones are a big part of it

SomeGuyontheBoard: Oh yeah I nkow

SomeGuyontheBoard: I used to be all about girls

SomeGuyontheBoard: but now that it's calming down, I'm only onto one when I find one irresistably attractive appearance wise because lets face it, I know their personality is going to pretty much suck

TinFoilTVAntenna: and then i think of how i somehow got my mind on this track, maybe i'm just genetically inferior, and this is one way to weed me out of the species

TinFoilTVAntenna: it obviously wouldn't last that long if we all hated em

SomeGuyontheBoard: people who say looks don't matter are either A.) So ugly that it really doesn't because anyone is just enough to satisfy them or B.) Liars

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh

TinFoilTVAntenna: i fall under a

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh

SomeGuyontheBoard: I'm an ugly sob and will continue to get uglier with time but I will never be A or B haha

TinFoilTVAntenna: but b when i'm feeling particularly hateful/cumshotish

SomeGuyontheBoard: looks fucking matter and thts the end of it

TinFoilTVAntenna: i'll agree

TinFoilTVAntenna: but that's just cause im so judgemental

SomeGuyontheBoard: yet another reason why I am an asshole

SomeGuyontheBoard: haahhaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: so

TinFoilTVAntenna: like

TinFoilTVAntenna: if a bitch has highlights

SomeGuyontheBoard: if we talked about this in a group of girls, man they would hit us with their high heels

TinFoilTVAntenna: or wears a stupid vintage shirt, that falls under looks im not attracted to

TinFoilTVAntenna: ha ha

TinFoilTVAntenna: no they wouldnt

TinFoilTVAntenna: they'd think we were flirting

SomeGuyontheBoard: they'd be so pisssed!

SomeGuyontheBoard: HAHAHAHA

SomeGuyontheBoard: probably

SomeGuyontheBoard: playing hard to get

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaah

SomeGuyontheBoard: dumb hoes

SomeGuyontheBoard: You know whats sad though

TinFoilTVAntenna: i say this shit all the time in front of hoes

SomeGuyontheBoard: if woman understood the power of pussy though could own the world

TinFoilTVAntenna: they just say something like "girls rule and guys drool"

SomeGuyontheBoard: like say they all got together and said, NO SEX until ______

SomeGuyontheBoard: they would own the fucking world

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

TinFoilTVAntenna: nah

SomeGuyontheBoard: oh yes they would

SomeGuyontheBoard: admit it

TinFoilTVAntenna: cause that's when we'd muscle our way in

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh

SomeGuyontheBoard: half of the male sex would cave

SomeGuyontheBoard: ahh thats true too

SomeGuyontheBoard: we would just rape them all

SomeGuyontheBoard: good point...

SomeGuyontheBoard: maybe women just has no shot at the world then

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: lol

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah they do.. a cumshot *sitcom laughter*

SomeGuyontheBoard: I should send this convo to my ex, sh'e dbe livid

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh, you should

SomeGuyontheBoard: nah she'd hit my car again

TinFoilTVAntenna: i was thinking about postin it on 12 oz to give the guys a chuckle

TinFoilTVAntenna: ha ha, passive aggressive ho

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahha do it, I just ask that you don't disclose my id

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah, i wouldnt do that

TinFoilTVAntenna: should i say it's *********?

SomeGuyontheBoard: they would get a kick out of it though

TinFoilTVAntenna: or just some guy?

SomeGuyontheBoard: just some guy

SomeGuyontheBoard: I have no status as that guy nayway

SomeGuyontheBoard: plus I don't want eveyone knowing ***** is a dickass

SomeGuyontheBoard: not yet anyway

SomeGuyontheBoard: not til I've been paintin for 15 years and can act like grey on some kind of reality message board

SomeGuyontheBoard: hahaha

TinFoilTVAntenna: haha

TinFoilTVAntenna: really

SomeGuyontheBoard: where someday instead of talking shit and getting away with it, you can get killed for it

TinFoilTVAntenna: i just hope the legal probs don't hold me back from being there in 15

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Well, I read it and it was boring. Booourns!


On the other hand I want a 12oz prophet tee! Give me one for free.

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Guest krie
Originally posted by Mr. ABC

it's too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

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Originally posted by Mr. ABC

it's too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

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Originally posted by Mr. ABC

it's too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong


way, way too long.

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i read it all and it was real interesting, lately ive been thinking about this same sort of shit kinda... being that i havent been laid since fucking julyish and this is the first time ive gone more than a month or two without getting laid (four year girlfriend/slut-heartbreaking-bitch) since i first got laid. i was banging this girl this summer, a rebound girl, who was super fucking hot. like this girl was a ten, but she was shallower than anyone you've met. she fucking sucked. i dont know, everytime i meet a girl that i think is cool, even if its only a friend, they turn out to be these emotional/lying/freak out about everything nutjobs.


i forgot if i even had a point here, but it was probably just that girls suck.

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Originally posted by crackatinnie


hahaha...I was just thinking about that shit earlier today.

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