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Has anyone seen this ? Its a docu-drama which focuses on police corruption and the criminal underworld in Sydney and to a lesser extent Melbourne. Its completely focused on bringing the truth to the viewer and is NOT hammed up in any way - its plain gritty, violent and beleivable. No one ive talked hasn't liked it especially the type of people who fequent this board .

Get your hands on a copy!! check video stores if you live in Aus (its not banned anymore) and if you live OS order it. U will not regret it


A review I stole ..



"The greatest Australian flim ever - Blue Murder is nothing short of a masterpiece. It delves into the world of police corruption and criminal activity and leaves nothing to the imagination. Everything about it is made all the more incredible due to the fact it's all true.


The casting is nothing short of genius. Richard Roxburgh as the infamous detective/criminal/murderer Roger "the Dodger" Rogerson is so utterly convincing and accurate you'd swear it was the man Roger himself. Tony Martin is equally brilliant as the notorious Neddy Smith, the charming, brutal and cunning criminal mastermind. All of the supporting cast do equal justice to the show, in particular Peter Phelps as 'Abo' Henry.


Blue Murder will have you utterly engrossed for all of its 4 hour running time, and leave you amazed and shaking your head in disbelief at the end. This is the real stuff, as it happened, as remarkable, and unthinkable as it is to comprehend. Go out of your way to see this one. "





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Originally posted by Rectum

was i right ?




*You have an alcholol problem. In general you are bitter and jaded. You come from a small town in america where you lead a piontless life. You have *middle class roots and are white. Your not a softcock but dont talk much and suffer from anxiety problems, which hold back your dark wit in social situations. You don't really have any passions in life *not even for graffiti, *your tag is messy and your not up much. You get the some pussy but not that much. close?


*i wouldn't call it a problem

*my family is dirt poor

*graffiti is what i am most passionate about

*i think the messy you are talking about is an austrailan term, but if by that you mean shit, i think it's fair to say my handstyle is better than average


**haha, i don't remember what i meant when i said 'my bad'

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