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such a joke


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DIS IZ SOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKIN CRAZYYYY!!!! N WEIRD!!!!!!!! me n my cuz both almost died 2day...she wuz leavin wurk, n dis gurl cut her off in da mall parking lot, smashin up da whole frunt of her car...my cuz sed she blacked out, n wuz shakin, but da airbag saved her frum crackin her face open....2day on my way home frum skool, da bus wuz goin along fine until sumthin got in frunt of it, causin it to stop REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLYYYY short; i mean, every1 went fuckin flyin towardz da frunt of da bus, n dis gurl let out dis bloodcurdlin scream like sum1 wuz stabbin her...if it had not been 4 da seat in frunt of me, i prolly woulda ended up close to da windshield....now if ur thinkin 'wutz so weird?' well i'll tell u...both of these accidents happened at 5:30 pm....n my cuz n i havent spoken in a while, but 2day we did n it wuz jus sooooo weird.


Kish10284: i got into a car accident

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: o shyt =-O

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: r u ok??

Kish10284: yup

Kish10284: yea im aight

Kish10284: headache

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: damnn

Kish10284: cracked windsheild

Kish10284: ligths r comin out

Kish10284: front cracked

Kish10284: air bags came out

Kish10284: hood messed up

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: dat sux ass

Kish10284: i know

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: how much to fix?

Kish10284: alot..insurance tho

Kish10284: cuz it was the other persons fault

Kish10284: they got a ticket n w/e

Kish10284: cuz she cut out in front of me n shr had a stop sign i was goin straight n didnt jave 1..

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: wow

Kish10284: yup

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: i almost got into an accident on da bus

Kish10284: i blacked out

Kish10284: i thoguth iw as gonna die

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: o shyt

Kish10284: :-

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: me 2

Kish10284: lifes crazy

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: everyone went flyin n dis gurl screamed like sum1 wuz stabbin her

Kish10284: omg:-

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: if da seat in frunt of me wuznt there, i woulda flew thru da windshield

Kish10284: omg maya

Kish10284: thats crazy

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: i knoooo

Kish10284: well my airbag saved me from crackin my face open

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: daz gooood

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: wut time did all dis happ?

Kish10284: 5:30

Kish10284: leavin work:-

Kish10284: at the mall parkin lot


LiL MoReNa BaBy8: it wuz 5:30 4 me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: omgggg

Kish10284: yea ur tellin me

Kish10284: OH SHIT SHUT UP


Kish10284: im scared 2 go otuside man

Kish10284: haha

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: lol damnnnnnn im gettin all shaky now

Kish10284: i was shakin

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: me 2 4 a few mins

Kish10284: im still feelin a lil weird

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: im feelin really weird, especially cuz of da 5:30 thing.....

Kish10284: i know:-

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: im writin in my lj bout it

Kish10284: lj?

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: live journal

Kish10284: ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: u dunno how happy i am dat ur ok....im sittin here thinkin bout wut coulda happend, n itz soo crazy, i dunno wut i would do witout u :'(

Kish10284: :-awwwwwwwwwwwww nigglet

Kish10284: its aight..im ok:-)

Kish10284: "our car" isnt

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: tay :-)

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: damnnn

Kish10284: but hey more cars in the sea

Kish10284: lol

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: ye lolzz

Kish10284: better the car than me

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: yupppp

LiL MoReNa BaBy8: carz can be replaced, u cant

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