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It's been quite a while since I've typed any sort of real rant, and what better time than 7am when I still haven't slept, have a horrible stomach ache, and am still looped off of speedballs while drinking soy milk.(Vanilla)


We begin the journey with a trip down memory lane. I sit back and watch myself self destruct sort of like RAAB himself of the cky quadroopology. Anyway, I mean he starts out as a nice mannered kid who is getting drunk at parties and acting goofy in front of girls too a full fledged life-ruining alcoholic who is pissing on electric fences just to get money to buy more booze for the night. Making sense? I dunno. I miss professor poopatronic, but thats online. His girlfriend in reality SUCKS and stole him from the rest of his friends.FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I just burned my mouth on some HOT oatmeal. (Now Im eating Oatmeal) my stomach is fuckin killin me. Pills on an empty stomach? I dunno. The lack of sleep certainly cant help.


Oh yeah, anyway poopatronic puked in my basement sink the other night after he took too many drugs and then ate some bad taco bell. Fuckin idiot. I made him clean it up. I have aroumatherapy candles down there still. (I think I even lit em a few hours ago but forgot em) I hung out with my friend Kieran tonight and ran errands with him in super shady parts of town, and then met up with my friend Jordan who is an x-heroin addict and retoxing pill junkie. Anyway, we'll talk about that later.


Lets talk about the fashion. I have tight jeans that I want to wear exclusively. Im selling all my diesels, all my levis and Its all about my stretch denim Jamie Thomas circa's. Sooooooooooo comfy. I will be having beautiful sex in 12days with my girlfriend who is now living in a different city. in 14 days, it will be Thanksgiving. I like Food. I like watching football while eating food.


I haven't been painting that often lately... the last time was some freeway spots about a week ago, and tagging whenever wherever all the time actually.


When did cocaine become so fun? And why didnt I know about this shit earlier?


This just in... Vanilla Soy Milk tastes like rice in a good way. But yeah.


Im gonna go see a movie with a girl from MySpace tonight. Friendster is soooo two months ago.


I like to shoplift books. And the bookstores know me by name now, which sucks sorta cause I gotta switch the scenery. (I can take the heat but the hex is too strong) (Think Matt Dillon and Dilaudid) (you got it!)


Socks are comfy.


So are zip up track jackets.


Yo It's fuckin cold outside. I Gotta go to sleep, but I'm gonna sleep on the couch so I force myself to wake up before 4pm which I've been doing every day. It sucks... my schedule isn't even fun anymore. Its sick. Its like I miss the WHOLE day, can't even get any business handled and am up in time for the sun to set and the pks to flow. Ugh. maybe the scenery change will help me and i'll adapt to a scheduled normality of some sort.


What the hell is with all these new kids on 12oz? Theres like 10000000000000 of em... they just keep comin and dont stop. I think you should enforce something where they cant post more than once a week if theyre new to the board. Seeing that I am infamous on this board as POPGUNWAR*IWEARPINKSHIRTS*ICEDOUTMOCHA and more... I know what Im sayin.


Sweatbands are cool.


VonDutch is soooooooooooooo last month a year ago.


"Spock" Rock was never cool.


It's fun to fight wiggers.


Ok, thats it for now... When I wake up today, I'm gonna shower, eat, poop(if i can. maybe it'll be diarreah), and then go skate hopefully and then see a movie? I dunno. But when I get back at fuckin 5am again as usual, I might bless you with wisdom that comes from my typing.


Until then,


Your Grace, Count Digital Youth.

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why i like your posts so much i dont know...it pisses me off that i like them...why do you enjoy life so much, it also pisses me off that you get all your shit for free when model citizens like me have to buy it.


why are you selling your diesels and levis? what happened to psedoprepism? lacoste pink polos, beige polo chinos (tapered) mochasins and gucci party boy glasses?


are you still seeing that ex of your thats used to model for DKNY? talk about her.


have you been hanging out with any hot 40 year olds like you said you had a while back? i like 40 year olds, tell me where i have to meet them.

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i concur with you on the jamie thomas stretch jean tip, even tho i really like the cut of the nonstretches so much better, and the fake sewn up holes that shit is key.

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As far as model dating goes... I AM currently dating a Miss Sixty model, but yeah no 40yr old milfs as of lately... the partyboy lifestyle is too busy.


Anyway... more islands to ski.



I'll talk to you all later.





Oh yeah:


Gear for sale, i'll let you know how to get in touch with me, and the Jamie Thomas nonstretch jeans? I havent even seen em yet. But prolly will later tonight.





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Originally posted by seppuku

pseudoprep is played.... it's full on MOD mode, bitches.


pseudoprep is played hey man? yeah its all about wrapping childrens tshirts and womens jeans around your 70 pound frame.....



the roll eyes icon dosent do justice.

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Driving 120 mph down the freeway with a cigarette hanging outta my mouth and drinking a rockstar while listening to the most epic guitar solo on the new OLD MANS CHILD cd in the car that my ex girlfriend "gave" me for the evening.


See, being a sexy bitch is what I use for my ammo to get the ladies to do whatever I wish. Lastnight, after hitting the bars with my still sexy ex girlfriend, I decided that I was bored and wanted to go do something else...so I asked her to drop me off, but instead she gave me the keys to her car and told me she just wanted to go sleep. So I dropped her off and took HER car on a rampage of a night through the crisp mountain air of coloradical...



[i am listening to Dimmu Borgir and dont feel like typing anymore right now. I will keep you posted though, as the evening continues.]



Currently wearing:


COMFY SUPER COMFORTABLE sweatpants (wierd comfffffffy material) and green army tshirt with black puma socks and about to throw on a sweatshirt that is like XXXL (comfyyyyyyy!)


Eating nachos, drinking ice water...and feeling looped from some Flexxiril and oc.


GOOD GOD, NORWEIGAN BLACK METAL is soooooooooo awesome. The new Old Man's Child (In defiance of existance) is EPIC! soooooooooo good!!!


Im pretty pissed at professor poopatronic for not telling me about tonights SLAYER show in advance.




oh well.... im going to self medicate and watch a movie.

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Originally posted by hulk hogan

i need a jacket.


what do you have?



and a new wallet. i cant use envelopes anymore


small pencil cases work

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Guest j

thinking of getting crazy tonight

rock on dig.. b careful

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