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2 The Break-A-Dawn (Hip-hop radio show)

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ay if you email a pobox number to tha email addy listed below ill belt you some illa deff hype mpc 2g underground radio show mixes with president clinton goin " i want to build an america where everybody can get head".....


tight shit dog......hit the email on that po box and ten hours is yours freee............free as in freehun.....free like me.....like this bitch i fucked......free like ice cream when you steal it......free like orgasms when your fucking.....free like that slaves...wait....they aint free yet.....

free like iraq.....wait iraq aint no where near free......free like jacking off to stolen porn...thats free.....

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Hey yo,


I got us a place to stay in Russia. I've been talking to this guy on a 1-900 number and he says that he has a large pillow at his place that needs some revolutionary fluffing and a good through scrub down, but he assures me that it's a very extravagant pillow and would make for an adequate bedding unit. I have attached a picture of my new friend from Russia. He lives in Murmansk. He says life isn't easy there but hitting himself in the head with a ball peen hammer and drinking bleach while throwing rocks at the nuclear powered ice breakers helps pass the time. I've been told activities such as these are necessary when there is no daylight for a couple months. He also has some extra lawn chairs he would sell to us if needed.


Take care,


- j o e




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email me your address fuckhead and ill pass it on to the dj...he will send you free mix cd's you aint heard.



yuh herrrrd? bitch.

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