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help mapo get a date

mapo returns

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I guess its time for an update.


I havent written because the shit has been too depressing and confusing.


It all started when I broke my necklace by not realizing I had grabbed it,

along with my shirt, when I took my shirt off to take a shower.


I went to the mall to buy a new one, since I feel weird not wearing a necklace.

Well, Lisa was in the mall at the bookstore. I was feeling really depressed

and didnt want her to see me. I pretended to shop in a nearby Dillards,

glancing at her, waiting for a time when I could go get the necklace

and she wouldnt see me. After about 5 minutes she leaves, to go on break I guess.

So I make a run for it, buy the necklace, and try to get out. As Im leaving,

I see Gina out of the corner of my eye, and I saw shes with someone but

I didnt see who. I thought it might be her bf, so I looked away because

I didnt want to see that, and also because it would be awkward for me to

talk to her while hes there. Right as I look away, Lisa (the younger sister),

approaches me and says hi. So I start talking to her for a few seconds,

then Gina approaches. She was with some pregnant chick, not a guy. Damn

I felt stupid. So they both talk to Lisa for about 30 seconds, and all Gina

does is look at me and we smile. She never says hi, then she leaves without saying bye.


Now, I was already depressed as fuck, and that made it worse.

That was awkward as fuck. So Lisa says 'she didnt even say hi to you? thats weird'.

She tells me how sad I look, and tells me not to be sad. She says whatever

it is, Gina will get over it. I leave and go home. When I get home

Gina imed me and said the only reason she didnt stay and talk was

because she saw me look at her and look away. I told her why I did that.

She says 'me and him arent talking anyway'. Then Michelle gets online and

tells me that Gina and the ex are 'done for good'. Who knows if thats true though.


So I talked to Gina online and asked her if she still wanted to go to

the cornfield maze on Friday night. She said she would, but it depends on

how she feels. She did seem interested though because we started talking about

how funny it would be if we went in coveralls and stuff. I asked her

what she wanted for Christmas, she told me. And we basically said we were going to

exchange gifts to each other.


If she doesnt cancel, and we go to the maze on Friday, what should I do?

I want to know if shed want to date me but I dont know how to go about

asking. The options I was considering were just going for a kiss and seeing if she

pulls away or not, asking her seriously if shed want to start dating me,

or say it in a confident, care-free way and just be like, 'how about we start dating

for real?'. Any advice?

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Stop listenin to all these people about wut to say to her n shit.. obviously it aint working. From expierience and i think u just proved it will work on this bitch.. act like u dont give a fuk bout that bitch (u shoodnt ne way but ur tryin to loose your virginity so w/e). Women love mysterious shit, if they cant figure u out or don kno the deal with you then they want to know more.. and if the bitch doesnt try n pursue then fuk her ass and and move on. From the way u talk bout this trick seems like u wood marry her if u had the chance, no offence but u need to man up and get off her jock and make it seem like she dont kno wut shes missing. Obviously it works with her kus wen u saw her and was right next to her and looked away wen she looked at u, she imed u right wen u got online.

for future use after this one falls slowly apart, get a chicks number, dont call he for 2 days then call during the afternoon and ask if she wants to catch a flick that nite. and if any bitch tries to pull that "we'll see whats up" or w/e bullshit she sez, leeve that bitch in the dust, if she wants ne thing with u she'll go get it.


just advice

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originally posted by Rubber Band

super shithead status



oh man, Mapo Returns alright, here's what happens, getting in her pissed off pussy will be easy, but dating...forget about it. Yo man, drop the pretensions about being her boyf if she wants to fuck you she'll let you sleep over. Oh man, I'm so glad this thread is back, Mapo Returns baby baby.:eek:

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seriously mapo, just try yahoo personals, fuck the dumb shit(cliche and punnish as that does sound) i know at least two couples that are happily married that met on the internet....we are all talking about your dating life on the internet, i recomend you stop thinking about whats her name and go email 10 girls...you can see pictures and everything.

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Mapo versus the Volcano


Mapo...are you a goddamn glutton for punishment or something? Have you just been ignoring the overwhelming consensus of everyone here that this cunt is no good. She's running you in circles and that this latest flim flam of hers is just going to result in "The night at the corn maze where Mapo was put through the wringer once again?"


Do you really wanna be with a girl who has put you through all this shit and bear in mind YOU ARE NOT EVEN DATING HER YET?!?!? Imagine the can of worms you're looking to inherit once you're intimate with her and then you'll REALLY begin to see what lurks beneath the surface.


You know how volcanos emit little bits of toxic smoke to let you know there's actually a whole lot more lurking under the surface coupled with molten fucking magma, earthquakes and ash? Gina is that volcano. You are the native village living at the bottom of the mountain


I give up.....you make your own choices dude...you're on your own.


hate the game, not the player (lens)

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Haha, native villagers. That’s funny.


Anyway, I guess it’s true that you can learn from only from your own mistakes. But mapo, you ask for advice, you get it (quality, too), and you don’t even come close to following it. Is she a playboy model, or the average girl from apt.# 304? How the fuck are you gonna get depressed over a girl you’re not even dealing with? Even then, one shouldn’t get depressed. I guess you gotta get fucked over to the point where you get jaded or something. Don’t take her to this cornfield maze thing. Ask her if she wants to come to your house instead. Once there, wait…wait…pour liquor…wait – then make the move. If she says “no”, say “hey, that’s cool” and done. Never call her again. Bitches hate that shit.


Girls prey on guys like you. They just love telling you that they’ve met someone. Like a whiteboy “emcee” who wears a bandana and talks likes a nignog. I don’t know what it is…I guess they get off on it.


Come on, man. As long as I’m living vicariously through you, you should man up a tad!

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mapo...its time to hit the eject button...for real


block the messenger and don't answer or return any calls. that girl is only playing you. the only way you can come out of this upright is to ignore her forever. as soon as you talk to her again...she'll go right back to square 1 again.


seriously man...run while you still have some dignity.

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I wouldn't say I'm "gifted" but if you want to that is fine. The girls and IMing thing is so true. But now for the fun part:


Pimpology Lesson 1: How to break and turn out a difficult Ho.


This shit takes time and effort, but it is worth it if you are tough/heartless enough to follow through with it and not get your feelings hurt. There is no half way with this, if you go at it only partially you will get fucked over beyond belief. If you do not execute properly she will see what you are trying to do and break you down first.


Step 1: If it is not too late, DO NOT GO TO THE MAIZE MAZE, do not call her, do not IM her, do not acknowledge her existence whatsoever for the next week.


Step 2: When you see her again, and you will, do not apologize for missing your date, do not mention it, do not bring it up. Act as if you have no recallection of said date whatsoever. If she asks about it say "were we really? I must have forgotten, I've been so busy. Let me make it up to you, when is good for you to kick it?" She will answer and say "Okay, for sure this time, we're going to go to (Insert random place)"


Step 3: Ignore her again, miss the date, etc.


Step 4: Figure out where she will be or her sister will be and arrive there with another woman. (Attractive and flirtatious if possible) Try to be "hugged up" with her as much as you can, if you have a female friend, explain to her whats going on and ask if she would be willing to help you out, chances are she will.


Step 5: Call her a few days after step 4 "just to see how she is." If she asks about the girl from above say oh thats my friend. She will tease you about it or use something to the effect of "I heard you two were good friends" If this happens you are in, if it does not ask leading questions to get her on the topic. "I ran into your sister" "I'm sorry I couldn't talk the other day" etc. Then say "We should hang out some time" don't mention the 2 count them 2 times you've blown her off before.


Step 6: Make plans to see her, and actually do, show up LATE, no flowers, no apologies. Play it cool, show her no affection, attention etc. Obviously look at and talk to other women, hit on them etc. Make her as uncomfortable as possible on the "date." At the end of the date kiss her on the cheek, if she wants more give it to her, but tell her "I'd really like to see you again sometime." And grab her ass or something like sleazy or disrepectful.


Step 7: Repeat process of disengagment, do not contact her, she will call you/ IM you. Miss a date or too, ask her if she wants to come along with the guys to the strip club, things like this.


Theory: At this point she is rapidly losing interest in you becasue you are too available and interested. The fix to this is simple, be unavailable and uninterested. Make her wonder if you actually want to see her or if you are even single. Remember, love is war, there is no excuse for allowing the enemy/girl to see your intentions up front, instead you have to conceal your mission. In the art of war, sun tzu says "when you are weak, seem strong, when you are strong, seem weak. After those 7 steps she should, by all rational calculations, hate you and think that you are a complete asshole, but she wont. She will be attracted to the fact that you don't need her, that you can do better/other women. If she sees that you're having fun wihtout her she will want to be part of that. But you have to ask yourself if its worth it to be in the kind of "relationship" where you have to completely manipulate the situation, especially when you're trying to lose your virignity. Something to think about...


Sources Consulted:

Slim, Iceburg. PIMP

Sun Tzu: Art of War

Green, Robert: 48 Laws of Power.

Bishop Don Magic Juan...


Milton (I keep 'em lookin good right but no dough!)

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oh btw mapo.. all my suggestions have been half in jest.. i dont think you're actually out just to bone the chick ( i never was.. im a fellow fat man), but i feel as though i'm older than you, so i can give you my (very similar) experiences, but i can't give any real advice as far as "pimpin" goes, or as far as getting the girl becuase i'm torn between the fact that the one is out there, or not (this side is winning). if you want my serious opinion... walk away now... like homeboys said ignore ignore ignore... maybe holler in a year minimum, you bith need time to mature... the sister sounds like she could be fun, but i don't think it'd be worht association either (though you may want to vaguely let her no that it's nothing personal)... but yeah, the hopeful side of me supports ya.. the realistic side of me wants you to run before you start masturbating to girls in pain :o


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I agree with what milton just posted


I read the first couple of pages and then skipped ahead to the last page because I already know why you fucked up with this girl. You were acting WAY to interested in her. I think it was on the second page you said you two were joking around and she said if you were dating you could spend the night, and you replied with" well then lets start dating". That was a bad move.

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I agree with what milton just posted


I read the first couple of pages and then skipped ahead to the last page because I already know why you fucked up with this girl. You were acting WAY to interested in her. I think it was on the second page you said you two were joking around and she said if you were dating you could spend the night, and you replied with" well then lets start dating". That was a bad move.

You should have made a joke about her wanting to date you but your too much of a player for her. And you emailed her and imed her too much. You shouldnt be acting so interested in her unless she is actually your girl. Otherwise she is going to know she has the upperhand and shell wrap you around her finger, which it looks like she has.

So my advice is what Milton said and also...

stop trying to analyze a girls every move, let them analyze yours.

keep being funny and making girls laugh

dont get all serious and mushy unless your her boyfriend

find other girls, make them laugh, and be more hard to get.

Your Welcome

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