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So this kid in my town is a gangster because...


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naah dude get this shit.

im leaving the parking lot the other day, going home. and i pull up to this, probably 92 light blue honda something or another. i dont know much about cars, but i know enough to sort high quality from not high quality. this car was not high quality. and the wheels....

SPINNAS SPINNAS. they were ghetto ones too. they were about 1/2 the size of the entire rim, not a full rim. not even shiny, all dull, no gleam.

the best part was the driver. this mid 30's ugly dyke cut russian looking wrinkly skin lady. i cracked up at the stop light. one of those moments where you wish you had a camera.

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I used to have allessio chrome 18's, but I've blown out four of the shitty thin Japanese (no offense, I still love your women and cuisine) tires. So I'm waiting for the two that I have left to go, and then I'm buying a new set, but in the meantime, I'm thinking about getting some of the spinning hubcaps and leaving the back chrome and painting the spinning part gold. With chrome wheels on the back... What do you think?

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