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I just like every one else around here, have a story to tell. Living life in such a tragic world, we all know of a criminal or someone who is just FLAGRANT that needs to be judged and sentenced by Society. No the justice system is a fugazi. So let's just say that the 12oz society was the commision to decide a man or woman's fate.




There is this guy I've know for about 20yrs. He wasn't my roadie or anything but I just know him enough to be puzzled. He's a big guy,6' 9" 350lbs. He goes out one night with a few of "his" buddies and sips a little of this and that , puffs a little of that. A bit far from home ,yeah. On the way back him and his crew decide to pick on this woman. An attractive woman in her late 20's. The first intention was for them to scare her ( they claim). That scaring her turned into an assault.

According to the evidence at the time of the arrest, it appeared that the woman had been raped by two or more of the perps and left beaten and unconcious. It was evident that the perps attempted to cover their tracks by scrubbing out the woman's vagina with a steel wool pad to remove any remnants of semen.

Im sorry for the graphic detail but this is necessary to see what knd of cruel and unusual punishment you guys can deliver.


And yes, they were found guilty in court but ,


What is your verdict ?


What is your sentence ?

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Verdict is obviously guilty...as you have plainly stated before you asked Verdict?..


Sentence.......You take all the motherfuckers that were there, doesnt matter if they were the ones that raped or if they were the ones that were watching.....the ones watching are at more fault since they did not stop the assault from happening. You take each of the mofo's to a solitary cell and you put 5 hungry sewer rats in there, you putthe motherfucker in there naked and knocked out with his head, wrist, abdomen and ankles strapped to a plank of wood suspended from the top of the cell..the plank of wood would be hanging about two feet from the bottom of the cell....the rats will eventually start nibbling on the guy and ripping him apart from having to jump and cling onto a piece of flesh...the death will be extremely slow and the person will probably die of infection and blood loss before the rats eat him whole. ...on another note, the first piece to go would be the penis, since depending on the guy would be dangling from 4 to 6 inches lower..good times.


This isnt too brash in my opinion...it's what's deserved...the thoughts that that women will have in her future until she dies will all be based around what these guys did to her and to them it would most probably have been a "good time" since they were all with friends.



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Verdict: GUILTY.




1. Removal of teeth with toenail clippers and hazed with gasoline.


2. Have a live relative (preferably mother or sister) subjected to, act for act, exactly what they had done (for the sake of the victim's familie's vengance). Don't think it's right that your family should have to bear the reprocussions of your actions? Don't take something that can't be given back.


3. All parties involved will have, an inch from their chests, a bowling pin attatched to a mechanical device that would move inward at the rate of 1cm a day until ultimately crushing their rib cages, lancing skin, and leaving them to bleed like stuck pigs. Gasoline showers would be a regular part of this; the process probably taking over a month.


Bottom-feeding lowlife degenerates can't get pussy like decent human beings, let alone real men, so they take it like chickenshit cowards. In a group, none the less. Bonus hetero tough-guy points! Good job, boys. I hope it was worth the rest of your lives.


He who spares the bad injures the good. Fuck off. Die.

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as they areobviously GUILTY


Sentence -how about scrubbing their peniss with that steel wool for about oh...2 hours straight and then dipping it in pure lye. Then give them the option of cutting out their own eye balls or getting stabbed to death in the asshole with a machete.


Sounds good to me

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