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i've really uber done it this time (pun intended)


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i've really done it this time (pun intended)


2 girls, drugs, booze and a whole lot of dirty things. fluids like whoa! life goal complete!!!!!!!!!!!i did it for ALL men

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yeah heres the story.


earlier this week my girl had hooked up w/ this girl. so now shes all about doing girls and thinks it fun. so we're aty saturdy nit and mygi and i ae utairs i bedro jst chillng getting high. one of our friends comes in to party w/ us and she is pretty openly bi. so her and my girl start making out and im like "ohh shit". then some fools busted in and ruind itn theher girl dipped. pnce the fools left i told my girl, "yo call **** and tell her to come back up here". her face lit up and she called the jon.smegirl comesbackd heand my girl start going at it.i was ju dihn/ y gil bu then shewas like help meuck these titties. then she took my hand and made me finger bang this join thntngs jst went from there. SO ILL!


so now my girl and i are all about this. i love my girl.



nd yes, both joints are superbly banging.....

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i went through that once. yous a lucky man if your girl is more proactive on that shit cause when i got lucky she brought home her coworker witha a bunch of yay and i never thought sayen "show me your tits" would get me where it did...but they worked together and i worked across the aisle at another store at the mall...wack drama.


i almost went home with two girls the other weekend, they were FINE to...but the girlfriend got all pissy when i told her i smoked a bunch of shit and was like "i dont want your dick upinside her or me if you smoke that shit" but its all good cause i shouldnt a been smoking that shit anyway....


sorry to sidebust your thread/i related and drank a bunch of coffee.

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