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It is all good in the hood. My steez was out there years before

I got in the game. It's never beef till people try and take my spots.

But I have quit and come back more times than you got years in

the game. Any one in brooklyn can tell you that or you can just

find my old out lines in the city. I might have had five different

tag names on the walls by the time you saw subway art.

Again it's all good, do your thing. I aint kinging, just a player.


TRI-STATE 2, plus 7 other tags many don't know about.


STYLE...Crew = Something That You'll Learn Eventually 91

STAFF….. = Styles That Are Fucking Fresh 90

KEYS…. = Killing Every Thing You See 90

END… = Evil Never Dies 89

KOV… = Kings Of Vic 87

BB inc.. = Brooklyn Bombers inc.. 86

PV.. Paparazzi Victims, some new shit.

5 full name crews, strange and I haven't pushed a new crew

since 91.

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yO cRo l3mM3 dO sUm m@d sPr@y bOmBz wIfF u dIz wE3kEnD wHeN i cOm3 ^ 2 nEw jErS3y!!!! wE c@n uSe iLl tYte f@t k@pz fO bUrNiN dOzE f@k3rZ lIkE tAc0 hOO rE@lLy rItEz "nOtOrIoUs gR@ff b@nGeR fR8 cEnTr@l" wUrd iZ bOnD..............y0



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jesus christ fh in peoples mouths already, hey cro for the record the person who said your r looks like tri's aint even in fh or associates with them, so you need to stop given fh there internet fame on a daily basis. let me be the 1st to let everyone no that not everyone who own a computer is in fh.

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